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Four pairs of isolated handmade wool socks hanging on a rope.

Four: Everybody has Somebody.

I made Mexican Queso tonight for dinner, and you would have thought the circus was coming to town for the great [...]
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Father With Children Sunset

The Heart of Joseph

Jesus grew up without his biological dad. Joseph married Mary, knowing she was pregnant with a child that was not [...]
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the word love written on a lined piece of school paper in ink wi

Earthquakes, Aftershocks, and Falling in Love

Falling in love is a little bit terrifying. And sometimes a lot bit. Remember that story of the morning when [...]
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Smooches and Papparazzi

“Hey, Peter, I want to take a picture of you kissing my mom!”
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Photo with a broken heart protected with straws

The Many Pieces of This Beautiful Mess

There’s just so much to us. Legos on the floor. Seatbelts. Spilled Gatorade. Unfinished homework. Incomplete grocery lists. Leftovers for [...]
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hands holding a string of paper hearts up to the sun during suns

“Mom, Will You Still Love My Dad?”

“Mom, I just have one question.” He was in the backseat of the car, still consistently the safest place for [...]
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Kuala Lumpur -Malaysia,November 12, 2015: The new paper cup of S

Love In a Red Cup

It all started with a cup of coffee. He came into Starbucks a few weeks ago. He came in with [...]
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Man in shopping mall

To The Handsome Man Who Didn’t Recognize Me

Dear Very Handsome Man, “Whatchya workin’ on?” is really a pretty great opener to a conversation with a writer. Engaged, listening [...]
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Beautiful Young Woman At The Airport

Love Connection in the Friendly Skies

In my ongoing efforts to prove that one can be footloose, fancy-free, and an airline flyer (I admit this is [...]
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Silhouettes of happy family at night under full moon

Even Better Than The Moon

Sometimes love seems easy. Like… it’s easy to love rain… and hawks. And it’s easy to love wild plums… and [...]
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Cannabis Background

I Accidentally Dated a Drug Dealer: The Flirty Side of Marijuana

We had been on several really great dates before I realized he was keeping a secret. Whenever I complimented him [...]
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Small spring flowers

The Stuff of Sonnets and Love Songs

“I think I understand how love works, Mom. It’s like God plants a seed in your heart, and then you [...]
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Instagram filtered image of a family concept, shoes in 3 sizes

Likely, Unlikely, Fettuccine and Dating

“Let’s talk about what is likely and unlikely,” two words that have worked their way into our family dialogue, thanks [...]
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a hand holding an origami paper heart up to the sun during sunse

A Few Things I Know

“What do you feel like you know, on that side of marriage?” On this side of marriage, I do think [...]
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Sneakers From Above.

Draw The Line Somewhere

“Mommy, I think there are some things you shouldn’t do before you’re married.” “You are exactly right, buddy,” I say, [...]
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Red Heart On Wooden Background

“Why Aren’t You Married?”

Here’s a favorite question for those of us who are single: “Why aren’t you married yet?  I just can’t figure [...]
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Man using his mobile phone in the bed

What Should I Avoid While Taking Ambien?

 Ambien may impair your thinking or reactions.  You may still feel sleepy the morning after taking this medicine, especially if [...]
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Silhouettes of two coffee cups on red background

“Do You Miss Having Sex?”

“Tricia, do you miss having sex?” I get this question on occasion, always preceded by, “I hope this isn’t too [...]
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Extreme Close Up Of Cinnamon Buns

My Homemade Cinnamon Rolls

Here you go, my friends.  I’m happy to share.  As long as you don’t serve them and thereby distract a [...]
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“Seriously, Incredibly.”

I found this little beauty in my archives, and it just made me want to do something shiny and sparkly like [...]
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