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Grass Stains and Touchdowns

I love to watch kids playing football. Their varying degrees of grass stains, interest, and commitment. It looked like a [...]
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I Want To Show This To You.

There are things in my life that are too beautiful for words, so sacred, so layered that I can’t really [...]
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To Be Part of the Song

Today I read an essay about a monk in a monastery, who, when asked why he was a monk, said, [...]
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Thank You, Tina.

Dear Tina, I don’t know you, but your words saved my heart tonight. Tina writes: “Let me preface all of [...]
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Oh, Prom. You Mess With My Heart.

I found out on Tuesday that prom was happening.   I mean, I knew prom was happening, the same way [...]
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April 9 Book Release : You Are Safe Now

Here’s what happened. More than a dozen years ago, my husband died unexpectedly, and the blog I had been writing [...]
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I Married an Alcoholic.

This holds some honest truths and rough language. Read with that awareness and without my apologies, because when you tell [...]
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How to Help When You Don’t Know What To Do

How To Help When You Don’t Know What To Do There is a lot of sadness in my community. In [...]
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Food Courts and School Buses: An Abstract Pondering

Seating is so limited at the mall today that people have resorted to sharing tables with strangers.   How very [...]
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Elf On The Shelf: I Did Not See That Coming

Do a quick Pinterest search for the Elf on the Shelf, and you’ll find headlines like these: 75 easy ideas [...]
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There’s Always One

I have a collection of letters from recent fourth graders, full of advice and well wishes for a new school [...]
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An Indispensible resource

You Are Safe Now

Okay, my friends. I have many things to tell you. Big Things. In the last more-than-a-decade that we’ve been sharing [...]
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A Patriot’s Promise

A Patriot’s Promise is released TODAY, on the Fourth of July. Already #1 in THREE categories on the Amazon market, [...]
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The Power of “This.”

Significance is a desire within us, a birthright. We each long to matter, to be extraordinary, to be outstanding, to [...]
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We Call Her Big Mama

We call her Big Mama, and sometimes Mama Cass. She is the giant red umbrella that shades our patio during [...]
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The Worst Dog I Ever Had

“We rescued him from the mall.” That’s what I always say to describe how he came to be ours. In [...]
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This Mom, Other Moms, Shining Stars and State Testing

“Mom, can you opt us out of the state testing?” “Why?” “Because some other moms are doing that.” “Maybe they [...]
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hands holding a string of paper hearts up to the sun during suns

That’s Not Everything About Her

We had just introduced ourselves, this group of people who would share the day together.  They’re somewhere in between learning [...]
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A stack of blue and red “Hello, my name is” name tags or badges

Names I Can’t Say Yet

I have students whose names I cannot pronounce yet. I’ve never learned how to read these collections of letters. When [...]
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Light Bulb

The Big Magic of Living, Breathing Ideas

“Tell me about a book you’ve read more than once.”  This is how you can find some of the best [...]
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You Are Safe Now

Available April 9, 2024

This Book Is for You

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A book about falling in love with the Bible

Just. You. Wait.

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You Can Do This

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Let's Pretend We're Normal

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And Life Comes Back

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