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I can write your story for you.

Perhaps you have a very powerful story that a publisher is very interested in, but a few obstacles stand in the way. Maybe you have no interest in writing, limited skills for writing, or zero bandwidth to add “write a book” to your list of things to do.

Or, perhaps you are growing your business and your platform, and you’re interested in self-publishing because you know that a book is far more effective than a business card. You may be looking for a professional writer to help you get your story on the page and into a book.

Or, perhaps your family history is rich with tradition, and you’ve long wanted to capture these stories into a book. Maybe your storytellers are aging, and you fear the legacy may die with them.

Interested in collaborating on a book project? Let’s Talk.


tim scott trey gowdy unified“Tricia was fantastic and managed to capture our lives as if she lived it alongside us.”
~ Senator Tim Scott and Congressman Trey Gowdy,
Unified: How Our Unlikely Friendship Gives us Hope for a Divided Country 
New York Times Bestseller

Love Better Sooner Cover“I can’t imagine a better, more fun way to write a book than with Tricia. She brought an amazingly attentive ear, an unbelievable wordsmithing skill, and a heart’s desire to help me write the best book possible. What she did not bring to the table was any ego. She heard the book I wanted. Then she used her skills and abilities to put my voice and thoughts on paper to make it all so much better. I just hope I have another book in me so we can do it again.”

~ Mark Benish, Love Better Sooner: Learning the Art of Loving Intentionally

“I spent over twenty years in publishing, first as an associate editor and later as a senior editorial vice-president who had my own imprint. During that time, I worked with many different freelance writers and authors. Tricia is one of the best. I think anyone who would work alongside her would be impressed with her maturity and ability. She has a quick mind and the resilience to move beyond detours to finish a manuscript on deadlines.”

~ Janet Thoma, Janet Thoma Books

I can write your story for you.

With four books of my own and a growing list of collaborations, including one book that landed as a New York Times Bestseller, I have honed the process of listening well, capturing your voice, and telling your story as an expert wordsmith.

I’m having the time of my life meeting people, writing their stories, and helping them charge across the finish line to a dream come true: becoming a published author.

Interested in collaborating? Let’s Talk.

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