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Just Create: A Myth About Christian Art

What’s the deal with Christian art? Why is some of it – most of it – so boring, so two-dimensional? [...]
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Introducing: The Pen and the Page

I have kept this secret surprise under wraps for so long, and I cannot wait to tell you today. Introducing… [...]
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Treetop LPWN

Jon Acuff and That Thing Writers Don’t Talk About

Remember how I told you that Jon Acuff is my friend, if only because I made a fool of myself [...]
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Spring Background

Maybe It Wasn’t Writer’s Block

Last week, shortly after the UPS man delivered my copies of Let’s Pretend We’re Normal, my writing mind stopped working. [...]
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Let’s Pretend We’re Normal: A Book Giveaway Contest!

So, the UPS guy came this weekend, which always makes me every kind of happy, and especially when I’m within One [...]
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the word love written on a lined piece of school paper in ink wi

At The End of The Day

“Mommy, I wish you weren’t an author.” (Ouch.) I had just finished an evening of teaching.  It’s been a long, [...]
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My Moment with Anne Lamott

Sometimes an opportunity pops up between the cracks of the sidewalk, and  you just know that you know that you know it [...]
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A Baseball Field of Nickels

Here’s a little experiment. Picture a baseball diamond. The whole field: three bases and home plate, infield and outfield, the [...]
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Rice Bowl

Happenings over Teriyaki and White Rice

“Do you have a punch card with us?” “I should get one, shouldn’t I?” “You definitely should.” And the next [...]
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Let’s Pretend We’re Normal_TLW

A Delicious Paragraph about My Kissable Life

I am putting the final loving touches on the next book, Let’s Pretend We’re Normal. (If perhaps you are thinking, [...]
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Swirling My Spoon in the Carrots and Peas

They say a book is never finished, only abandoned. True story. I don’t think there is ever a point where [...]
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Happy birthday woman against the sky with rainbow-colored air ba

Holding My Breath Under Water

I have declared a writing vacation, which is every kind of oxymoron. I will say that I am not writing, [...]
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My Heart In the Marketplace

“What comes up, way down at the bottom, is that my heart is still broken from bringing out Writing Down [...]
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Somehow I Didn’t Punch Him In the Neck

So, remember when I was all lit about about the book When We Were on Fire? And I invited all [...]
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Blog Too Much?

“Do you think you blog too much?” An excellent question, posed by one of my mentors and greatest voices in [...]
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In real life, get out of the way when a person with a gun is running down the street. In [...]
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Upon Request

If you called me and said, “Hey, Tricia?  We’re doing a craft show or a rummage sale or a bake [...]
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Where Are You Speaking?!

Tricia, you mentioned Ohio. But where in Ohio are you going?   When are you coming?   What’s the story, [...]
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A New Chapter Starts Today

Thoughts in 2007… Well, here I am. A stay-at-home mom with two little tiny guys. Tucker is two, Tyler is [...]
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You Are Safe Now

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