Thoughts in 2007…

Well, here I am.

A stay-at-home mom with two little tiny guys.
Tucker is two,
Tyler is four months old,
Robb is loving us and climbing the corporate ladder,
and we’re tangled up in diapers,
a double stroller,
adventures to the park,
and pleas for my sanity.
I need an outlet.
Maybe I’ll start a blog.
I’ve heard that’s a good idea.

My profession is teaching, and I guess I still am a teacher. Instead of a class roster of 29, I have a full time following of 2. But I’m still teaching.
I’m ‘Teaching Tuck and Ty.’

So, sure. I’ll give it a go.
Let’s see… Start Your Own Blog Here.

And, now, here I am.
More than four years later,
More than 1,500 blog posts,
More than a thousand daily readers.
Tucker is six,
Tyler is four,
I am a widowed single mom,
and I am still teaching Tuck and Ty.

The irony of that blog title isn’t lost on me.
I thought I would write about the daily musings of teaching two little boys, and I did.
But my genre expanded to include the daily thoughts of how I may

teach them well as their only parent,

teach them to be men without the help of their dad,

teach them to grieve and laugh all in the same day,

teach them that even though we were once a sturdy wagon,

we can be a really strong tricycle.

The boys have grown taller,
I have grown stronger,
the story has grown bigger,
and it’s time to give all of this a new home.

Welcome to The Thoughts and Writings of Tricia Lott Williford.

A new chapter starts today.

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