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When Love Requires Quarantine

So, this happened last week.   Eight days of cruise ship magic and wonder, evening entertainment, limeades and margaritas, karaoke [...]
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A List of Happy

Car Talk. “Let’s make a list of happiness,” I say. We were somewhere south on I-25, far enough south that [...]
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On the Road: A Recipe for Traveling Together

We are a certain two people who will be married for two years on Monday. Such a celebration certainly calls [...]
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Talent Show

Odes to Family Camp and Laundry and School Supplies

We are home from a whirlwind summer.  When I say “whirlwind,” it may or may not indicate that my suitcase [...]
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Thank you, Ocean.

Thank you – Sand and ocean, Sweet ice cream and salty kisses, Sandy toes and freckled shoulders, Big ideas and [...]
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Vacations Should Win.

If you try to work while you’re on vacation, then neither the vacation nor the work gets the attention it [...]
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Fierce Love and Mickey Bars

I’m freshly home from a Disney vacation, and I have a confession: it’s a little bit ridiculous how much we [...]
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The Legend of the Dollar Bet

Dollar Bet: n. an act of daring another person to do something mildly ridiculous but not illegal, thereby attracting attention and [...]
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Well, now I obviously need a Cactus.

I just got home from several days in Phoenix for a wedding. (Not My Wedding, you freaker-outers.) My cousin got [...]
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Plan Ahead Reminder

Because I’m So Cool in an Ad Nauseam Way

“Okay, guys! Pop quiz!” Admittedly, it’s one of my silly little games. I have many such games, including “Let’s Say [...]
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My Name is Tricia, and I am an Agoraphobic Introvert.

Today, my family is at Hollywood Studios. That’s right. Tower of Terror. Adventures of Indiana Jones. Rockin’ Roller Coaster. Movie [...]
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Everything But A Cape

If your child is injured, and what terrifies him most is having to eventually take off his t-shirt and thereby [...]
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Then and Now

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Fourteen Miles of Twizzlers

We spent our first afternoon at the pool, which always makes me happy with the sheer exhaustion of it all. [...]
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i am a womn with obstucted use of her hnds

tricia, why are you typing like a womn with obstucted use of her hands? red onn.  i have humbly decided [...]
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Hot Cocoa made of Chocolate Bars

In the evening, Vail Village is like Disneyworld after-hours. White lights, cobblestone streets, smoking chimneys, and heaps of charm. We [...]
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One More Fist Bump, Baby.

I meant to wake up at 6:30. That was the plan. But the sound of my alarm wove itself right [...]
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It Was Fun Until It Wasn’t.

Tyler and I were having so much fun on the Alpine Slide.  We’ve ridden together every summer since he was [...]
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What’s in Your Suitcase?

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The MotherLoaded Tavern   103 S Main Street Breckenridge, Colorado   I come here every time I visit Breckenridge, except [...]
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