Thank you, Ocean.


Thank you –
Sand and ocean,
Sweet ice cream and salty kisses,
Sandy toes and freckled shoulders,
Big ideas and little moments.

Thank you –
Bread and wine,
Chips and salsa,
Guacamole and margarita,
Books and conversation,
Talking and listening,
Food for my body and soul.

Thank you –
Beautiful house,
Pool and hot tub,
Grill and fire pit,
Bedrooms and loft,
Beds and pullout couches,
Towels and towel. And towels.

Thank you –
Two branches of one tree,
Ten people in six beds from three states across seven decades.

Thank you –
Southwest Airlines,
San Diego,
Point Loma,
La Jolla,

Thank you –
Social media,
For offering ideas,
For storing the memories.

Thank you –
Sunscreen and sweatshirts,
Moms and Dads,
Lifeguards and Crew,
For protection against too much of a good thing.

Thank you –
Past and future,
Oceans east and west,
Old memories and new ideas,
Revisits and new discoveries,
For tiny seashells and vast horizons.

Thank you –
For “firsts” I’ll remember,
Like nitrogen ice cream,
And watching Tuck boogie board,
And watching Tyler build “downtown Tokyo” in the sand,
And holding a sand crab as it scurried like a wind-up toy.

Thank you –
For “lasts” I’ll never forget,
Like holding Tyler’s hand as we strolled through Disneyland,
Visiting LegoLand at the very capacity of their recommended age limit,
And knowing this is the last summer when Tuck will be shorter than me.

Thank you –
Work, for waiting.
Vacation, for winning.

Ocean, I have never loved you more.

(It’s good to be home.)

Tricia Lott Williford

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  1. The inspiration in reading your blog gives me such life. Rejuvenate’s my spirit! Thank you!!

  2. So much to be thankful for! Such a unique way of expressing it as always! So glad you got to feed your soul with the ocean and good times and making wonderful memories!

  3. Love reading so many happy words from you. Your like a spring day in a garden filled with new growth. I’ve been where you were and you like me, you trusted in the lord and his blessing that the storm would pass.

  4. That sand castle of “Little Tokyo” is subarashii (awesome)!

  5. Love your writing and your heart! Thank you so much for the gift of your words. I just ordered your book and can’t wait to read it. I just lost my husband three months ago and I’m trying to find my bearings ❤️

  6. I LOVE THIS!!!

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