We are a certain two people who will be married for two years on Monday. Such a celebration certainly calls for fueling up and heading out. No kids allowed.

1 L Coffee, black
120 oz. diet Pepsi, foam cup
1 Waze app, android and iPhone
Pre-Approved Pandora Playlist
Scoop of Show Tunes
Dash of Funk
Splash of Easy Listening
Generous portion of American Standards
Sprinkle of Country music, but nothing with a whine or twang
1 Baker’s Dozen Conversation-Starting Questions
Array of Fun Snacks (His, Hers, Ours)
16 books
19 pens, altitude resistant
3 journals
2 cookbooks (seriously. I brought two cookbooks.)
Gum: required.
Gas-X: recommended.
No more than one difficult conversation


Set internal temperature to 66 degrees, with any peripheral vents pointed at wife.

Travel at 85-86 mph, but max of 75 if anyone asks.

Grease rough edges with humor.

Fold in margin for error or unexpected stops at kitschy roadside opportunities.

Judiciously apply a sense of adventure.

Do not attempt recipe without abundant supply of patience, perseverance, and grace.


Peace out, girl scouts.

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