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Mary Hurried

A Few Days Later, Mary Hurried.

A Few Days Later, Mary Hurried. These words lit up on the page today. I love when I see something [...]
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TLW Christmas

Give My Book for Christmas!

A Christmas Special: Give my book for Christmas!   For $20, I’ll send to you a *personalized, signed copy* of [...]
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When You Just Can’t Wait Another Day

Don’t you love when a great podcast pops up in your feed? My friends Juli and Hannah invited me to [...]
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You’re Invitied to the Tattered Cover This Saturday!

If you’re in the Denver area this weekend, I’d love to see you on Saturday as The Tattered Cover at [...]
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Live It Well.

“I would do it all again. I wouldn’t have spared myself any of the pain that I have gone through [...]
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Chicago Hot Dogs and Audio Books

I am both horrified and mortified to tell you this, but it is true. I gained ten pounds in Chicago [...]
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Today is The Day.

Today is the day.  It’s Book Day. Today, my book will land in bookstores and mailboxes and on bookshelves all [...]
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Faithful, Patient, Steadfast… or Crazy.

Probably one of my favorite people in the Bible is the persistent widow. I can’t wait to meet her. I [...]
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Family Devotions and Testicles

We gave the boys new Bibles for Easter, because it was time. They needed to graduate to a version that [...]
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I Accidentally Attended a Buddhist Retreat

Once upon a time, I accidentally attended a Buddhist retreat. It was actually a writer’s retreat, but the instructor was [...]
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That’s Some Serious Staying Power

When death comes at the end of a long life, we don’t wonder if it was time. We don’t wonder [...]
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Just. You. Wait. – The Final Countdown!

You guys, it’s time. We are in the final countdown to the release of my new book, Just. You. Wait. [...]
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You guys. The Night Stand was WET.

So. Here’s the scene. It was finally time for Tucker to go to camp. And by “finally,” I mean that [...]
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Launch Team Graphic

Just. You. Wait. – LAUNCH TEAM!

Hands down, this is one of my favorite parts about writing a book: the launch. Writing is a solitary journey [...]
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Walkie Talkies and Free Will

If you have children who have grown out of car seats but are not yet allowed behind the wheel, let [...]
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Introducing the New Book: Just. You. Wait.

One of the fun things about a manuscript that’s nearly finished – aside from the exhaling blissful release of being [...]
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The Stages of The Carpool Lane, and also I Wrote a New Book

The carpool lane might be one of the world’s best arguments for homeschooling.  If there’s one thing that most consistently [...]
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You Are Safe Now

Available April 9, 2024

This Book Is for You

Now Available
A book about falling in love with the Bible

Just. You. Wait.

Now Available
#1 New Title on Amazon in Christian Inspiration

You Can Do This

Now Available
#1 New Title on Amazon in Women's Issues!

Let's Pretend We're Normal

Now Available
#1 Bestseller on Amazon in Single Parenting

And Life Comes Back

Now Available
#1 in Denver Post: Nonfiction Paperback and Finalist for 2015 Christian Book Award
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