I am both horrified and mortified to tell you this, but it is true. I gained ten pounds in Chicago last week. One week.  Ten pounds.  This is not an exaggeration, and it is not even an estimation. It is exact and precise and appalling. Ten pounds.

You see, I was in Chicago. And Chicago knows how to eat. They know what they’re doing out there in the Windy City. They should be called The Delicious City, what with their hot dogs (why doesn’t anyone in Denver sell hot dog buns already covered in those darling little poppy seeds?) and their Nuts on Clark (caramel and cheddar popcorn? I mean, come on.) and their pizza – oh, their pizza. I have two words for you: Lou Malnati’s. Be still my heart.

I’m saying all of that to say that I’m sorry-not-sorry. I mean, it was worth it.

Let’s just file every ounce of this new and shapely me under a category called It Seemed Like a Good Idea At The Time.

It was a business trip that felt like a vacation, and we all know – all bets are off when you’re on vacation. I was in Chicago to record the audio of my first two books: And Life Comes Back, and Let’s Pretend We’re Normal. We spent five days in the studio, with me telling my stories, hashing and rehashing, repeating and enunciating, bringing my voice to my stories.

I posted on Facebook that we were making magic in the studios of Oasis Audio, and a friend of mine commented, “I just finished reading Just. You. Wait. I would have loved to have listened to it in your voice!”

And then I said, “Oh, did you know it’s available on audio? Peter and I recorded it.”

And then she said, “Noooo, (with several charming and strung together o’s) I did not know this.”

And someone else said, “What? I didn’t know this.”

And another couple of someones said, “Audio? What? What is this you speak of??”

And then I said, “I am realizing right this minute that I may have slightly perhaps forgotten to promote that on the interwebs.”

And then they said, “You think??”

I’m super sorry I forgot to tell you.

So, hey! You may not have heard… Just. You. Wait. comes in an audio version!


Peter and I recorded it in the spring, and let me tell you this… it’s one thing to read his story on the page. It’s quite another to listen to him tell it, the story of his sisters visiting him while he was in jail, of the darkness of staring down a felony charge. That moment when his voice breaks, it does me in.

You can get yours here:

JYW audio.

They’ll even let you listen to a sample chapter, because the people at Oasis Audio are generous and wonderful.

So much so, they sent me back to Denver with an additional ten pounds of myself.

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