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Today is The Day.


Today is the day.  It’s Book Day.

Today, my book will land in bookstores and mailboxes and on bookshelves all over town.

Today, Peter’s story, a raw and honest memoir of the dark intimacies of alcoholism,
lands in the hands and hearts of the world.
Be gentle with him, world.
His story is everything to me.
I love him completely.

Happy birthday, Just. You. Wait. 

You are Book Number Four, the youngest and fiercest one yet.
Writing you has changed my life. 

Now go out into the world and soar.

And you, Readers:
You made this book a bestseller, even before it released.

You wonderful people, you.

Writers need readers.  God gave me You.

Let’s keep doing this, you and me.
I’m all in if you are.

Tricia Lott Williford

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  1. Received mine yesterday!

  2. So excited!!! Can’t wait for mine to arrive! ?

  3. Congratulations! I’m excited for this one too☺️?

  4. Your book arrived in today’s mail. Has been a frustrating day with a new doctor, so when I saw the cover it was like you were talking just to me. Am tired of waiting, but you gave me the boost I need at the exact right moment. Bless you!

  5. Just got mine in the mail yesterday! Can’t wait to read ut!

  6. So awesome! Mine came an hour ago. Can’t wait.

  7. So excited for you, Tricia. Can’t wait to read it!

  8. My copy landed in my Nook today! So excited to start reading. You are such a sweet lady. I enjoy your posts. You are an inspiration. I remember you at Lincoln Academy many years ago. You haven’t changed a bit.

  9. I’m picking it up today at Barnes and Noble in Charlotte, NC! It’s waiting at the front desk for me … SO looking forward to Just.You.Wait.?

  10. So yes, Amazon told me they shipped the book. But WAITING must not be my thing because I just couldn’t keep from clicking to get the Kindle version right NOW!!

  11. I’m soooo excited!!!! Love yours reads ❤️

  12. ALL. IN. I rarely purchase books “at full price,” but usually wait for several months or a year and then buy them second-hand at a great discount. But YOUR BOOKS, Tricia, I PRE-ORDER and I am NEVER disappointed! I’ve lent them out to multiple people who are now following your story along with me. THANK you for writing!

  13. ???

  14. How exciting!!! I can’t wait to check my mailbox today!!!!

  15. Congrats on book 4! I’ve ordered it and now, ‘just wait’ for it to come! I would love to hear more about how writing this has changed your life. Would you consider writing more about this on the blog?

  16. Mine landed on my porch yesterday! GOGO!!!

  17. Eek but i CAN’T wait!!! Mine is on the way!!!❤

  18. So exciting, eager to check my mail box today. Bless your family

  19. So exciting!!

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