“I would do it all again.
I wouldn’t have spared myself any of the pain that I have gone through by loving hard,
and by loving what death can touch.
I wouldn’t change that.

I think sometimes we try to protect ourselves from the inevitable, and really, that’s where grace is.
Grace is in the inevitable.

So I would say, hold back nothing.
Love completely.
It is a privilege to love that much, to be that broken,
over something that you loved like crazy.”

~ Tricia Lott Williford,

With Chris and Jenni Graebe, on Live It Well Podcast


I do not usually quote myself in a blog post.  Or, actually – let’s be clear – I don’t quote myself anywhere.  But I also don’t normally listen to interviews with myself. I can only ever hear what I would say differently if I had it to do over, and listening to myself tell my own story is a little too much like choosing to be the center of my own world.  So I try not to do these things.

But this interview… man, you guys.  The Graebes blew me away. I listened for the first few minutes just to hear the final product, and I was hooked. They asked me questions nobody had ever asked, and their lightning round was super fun – talking about the books and habits that changed my life, and then the advice I’d give to the younger me.

(Just now, autocorrect wanted to change that to “the advice I’d give to the younger men.”  Again, these are realms I generally avoid.)

Please listen. And then subscribe.  Their guests are some of the heaviest hitters in the field right now, and I can’t believe they invited me to chat.


“You only get one life.  Live it well.”

~ Chris and Jenni Graebe

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