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Just. You. Wait. – The Final Countdown!


You guys, it’s time. We are in the final countdown to the release of my new book, Just. You. Wait.

I am beside myself with joy over this, because the only thing better than writing a book is putting it in your hands. I kind of actually cannot wait.

One thing I perhaps haven’t told you is that this book details an intimate part of Peter’s life, a season he spent behind bars. He has been transparent and raw and courageous in letting me share his story. It’s all in the pages.

According to Peter, one of the highlights of his experience in jail was the book cart. In the long and lonely days of waiting for freedom, the book cart was a ray of hope and fresh thinking.

I am delighted to tell you that my publisher has partnered for the first time ever for a promotion called GOGO.

(You have heard of BOGO: Buy One, Get One. This is GOGO: Get One, Give One.)

Starting today, for each book purchased on (Code: CLIGOGO), 

a prison in the United States will receive a copy for their inmate library.

That gives me chills every time.

If you are planning to get a copy of this book at any point – and I deeply hope to join you in the pages, this is the week to order. Your gift multiplies in lives that need it most, even as they wait.



Everybody waits. We wait for a spouse, wait for a baby, wait on our children, wait for our parents. We wait for clarity and direction. We wait on a job, a promotion, a new direction. We wait for hope, for healing, and for miracles. We wait on God. And when we misunderstand what waiting is about, we can get confused about what God is up to.

Waiting is one of God’s favorite tools. He can do certain things in our hearts, our lives, and our relationships while we wait―things we cannot experience once we’ve opened the gift we have been waiting for. So just you wait, because everyone takes their turn in the waiting room. It’s a long and painful fact of life, but shortcuts and microwaves aren’t the answer. God is at work behind the scenes in invisible ways you can’t see . . . yet.

Just you wait and see how ready you’ll be if you spend your waiting well. Because when your opportunity comes, you don’t want to spend more time on the bench. When you wait well, you can say, “Look out, world: I am getting ready to shine. Just you wait.”

In these pages, we will look at the joy hidden in the discipline of waiting, and the practices of believing God is for you and working on your behalf, even when the work of His hand is hard to find.

Buckle up, my friend. Waiting can be one wild ride.

There is always work to be done in the waiting. Sometimes the work is hands on and physical, and other times it is a solitary journey of soul searching. Sometimes the work is a discipline of noticing, a practice of being alert and aware; sometimes it is about being patient, loving, and present.  But when we choose to surrender to the moment, when we seek to believe this moment is part of a larger story, and when we embrace the ache of the longing, the wait is never wasted.

Just. You. Wait.

Please consider purchasing Just. You. Wait. on Code: CLIGOGO during the week of July 1-7, 2019.


My team and I are grateful for our partnership with NavPress, Tyndale, and Christian Library International to provide this book to prisons across the U. S.

Please order today.

This book might be the one you’re waiting for.

Tricia Lott Williford

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  1. I can’t wait to read this book, and I ordered it from NavPress instead of Amazon just for the GoGo promo! Love this!

  2. My brother is in prison and reading keeps him sane. We send him many books each month as he has read everything in their library.

  3. Can’t wait to read it! My kids have worked with their children on the importance of waiting graciously. My 4 year old grandson often says in response to a delay, “It is hard to wait Dodie”.

    He’s right. It IS hard to wait; and not just for 4 year olds. Excited to see what you have to say about this discipline.

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