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Paper lunch bags with red apple on school desk

The Miracle of a Little Boy’s Lunch

Maybe it’s because I am forever a hostess at heart, and wherever there is a party there is also food [...]
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Just Create: A Myth About Christian Art

What’s the deal with Christian art? Why is some of it – most of it – so boring, so two-dimensional? [...]
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Thanks a lot, Eve.

I know Eve’s story. So do you. She’s the reason we have mosquito bites and skin cancer and miscarriages and [...]
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Notes on a Life

“I was reading a book a few weeks ago – I like to read first thing in the morning these [...]
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That’s Some Serious Staying Power

When death comes at the end of a long life, we don’t wonder if it was time. We don’t wonder [...]
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Springtime Snow and Sad Days

Yep. It snowed. Quite a bit, actually. Summer break starts on Friday, the community pools open on Monday, and we [...]
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You’re Invited to The Tattered Cover: This Sunday!

If you’re in the Denver area this weekend, I’d love to see you on Sunday as The Tattered Cover at [...]
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Handwriting, hand writes with a pen in a notebook

True Stories Told Well: Tricia Lott Williford

Recently, FaithHappenings featured my writing in their Author Spotlight. Here’s my interview with a splash of personality. What do you love to write and [...]
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My Debut Into Talk Radio

”Can you be there on Monday at 11:00?” he asked. His name is Moose, perhaps in part because all radio [...]
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100 Huntley Street: My Entrance Into Live TV

I’d venture to say that not every television anchor is willing to share the makeup room with the random and [...]
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Woman Hands Typing In A Laptop In A Coffee Shop

When Opportunity Knocks, It’s Too Late To Prepare

”You realize you’re never going to be invited to speak at this writer’s conference, right?” We are peers, each of [...]
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Treetop LPWN

Jon Acuff and That Thing Writers Don’t Talk About

Remember how I told you that Jon Acuff is my friend, if only because I made a fool of myself [...]
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Let’s Pretend We’re Normal: A Book Giveaway Contest!

So, the UPS guy came this weekend, which always makes me every kind of happy, and especially when I’m within One [...]
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the word love written on a lined piece of school paper in ink wi

At The End of The Day

“Mommy, I wish you weren’t an author.” (Ouch.) I had just finished an evening of teaching.  It’s been a long, [...]
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She Opened Her Hands

  She opened her hands and set it free. Fly, little bird.  Fly.  
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My Moment with Anne Lamott

Sometimes an opportunity pops up between the cracks of the sidewalk, and  you just know that you know that you know it [...]
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My Motto

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A Baseball Field of Nickels

Here’s a little experiment. Picture a baseball diamond. The whole field: three bases and home plate, infield and outfield, the [...]
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Rice Bowl

Happenings over Teriyaki and White Rice

“Do you have a punch card with us?” “I should get one, shouldn’t I?” “You definitely should.” And the next [...]
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Let’s Pretend We’re Normal_TLW

A Delicious Paragraph about My Kissable Life

I am putting the final loving touches on the next book, Let’s Pretend We’re Normal. (If perhaps you are thinking, [...]
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You Are Safe Now

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