”Can you be there on Monday at 11:00?” he asked.

His name is Moose, perhaps in part because all radio producers have a schtick, though perhaps his nickname came about long before he started on radio.  He seems like a Moose.

He produces Angie Austin’s radio show, The Good News with Angie Austin, and they invited me to be on the show about a month ago for an interview about Let’s Pretend We’re Normal.

Honored by a follow up invitation and well aware that not everybody gets even a first offer,  I said, “Sure, you bet.  I’ll be there.”  I probably tacked on a colon-parenthetical happy face in my email. I’m told those are unprofessional, though unprofessional whimsy hardly ever stops me. 

I rolled in on Monday morning just after dropping off the boys at their very first day of school, loving the fact that nothing says “Welcome back to the school year, working Mom” like a morning in the studio.  And much to my surprise, you guys, get this – it turns out it wasn’t an interview at all. 

Moose had invited me in for a segment of straight up talk radio.

The star of the show, Angie Austin, is on vacation at Hippie Camp for two weeks.  (I don’t know what it is, but I want some hippie camp in my life, I’m pretty sure.)  Moose had the reins and full authority of the show for two weeks, so he decided to “stack the deck” with his favorite voices and personalities.11731599_10206166501268869_5608722933689339807_o

And he started off with me.  How ‘bout that?

In the studio, I joined Moose and my fellow guest “Mudflap” Steve McGrew, a standup comedian from Comedy Central.  Mudflap and I sit a little bit on different ends of the spectrum, evidenced by the fact that Moose couldn’t incorporate any of Mudflap’s comedy clips on the show because none of them are appropriate for general audience.  (The guy’s crazy funny, but don’t take the kids to the show.)  And so there we were, shooting the chitchat about Jimmy Fallon Hashtags, America’s Got Talent, bad summer jobs, and even the merits of homeschooling.

I sort of think I held my own, and I seriously had a great time. 

Me.  On talk radio.  How ‘bout that?

So, if you’ve got 18 minutes or so, give yourself a click into my debut on talk radio. 

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