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Coming This Sunday: A Brand New Class

I had spent a couple of years without a place to call home on Sunday mornings.  There were no real [...]
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The *Life on Purpose* Summit: A Free Event

Do you want to live your life on purpose? I am honored to partner with a terrific team of authors, speakers, teachers, [...]
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Live It Well.

“I would do it all again. I wouldn’t have spared myself any of the pain that I have gone through [...]
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Mission Hills on Mother’s Day: You Can Do This

  I’ll be there all weekend – with Peter, books, hugs, words, and heaps of Love for all the moms. [...]
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I Didn’t Mean To Say That. On the Radio. Live.

The thing about live radio is that there isn’t an option to edit your own words. What you don’t filter [...]
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SCARSDALE, NY – SEPTEMBER 15, 2013: A tall Starbucks coffee in f

Look Who’s Wearing The Green Apron

Look at this greatness right here. My name is Tricia, and I am a Starbucks barista. It was really kind [...]
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Treetop LPWN

I’m Teaching and I Really Want To See You There

Ever feel like you just have to pretend you’ve got this thing together? Pretend you’re brave? Pretend you’re normal? Tricia [...]
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My Debut Into Talk Radio

”Can you be there on Monday at 11:00?” he asked. His name is Moose, perhaps in part because all radio [...]
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PRAGUE, CZECH REPUBLIC – FEBRUARY 20, 2014: Facebook is an onlin

Being the Real You in a World of Facebook and Pinterest

I think moms need permission to say my life is not pinnable on Pinterest.  To say, I don’t make organic [...]
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Woman Hands Typing In A Laptop In A Coffee Shop

When Opportunity Knocks, It’s Too Late To Prepare

”You realize you’re never going to be invited to speak at this writer’s conference, right?” We are peers, each of [...]
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That Moment When I was Ridiculous with Jon Acuff

I feel like I can call Jon Acuff my friend because it’s a liberty I need to take, since one [...]
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Let Me Tell You Something About Sara Groves

She stood so close to me with her hand on my arm. Her voice is so gentle and her words [...]
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I’m not Distracted – I just need to Settle In.

I am so ready to write.  And it’s going to be perfect and compelling and gripping – even just to [...]
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This Thursday – The Greenhouse and a Book Signing!

This Thursday Night at 7:00: I’m excited to teach once again at The Greenhouse – Southeast Christian Church! The evening’s theme [...]
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And Somewhere Along the Line, I Sold Some Books.

I finished speaking to the crowd, I gathered my bags and boxes of books from backstage, and I made my [...]
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On Stage with Donald Miller

And then Donald Miller said, “If you refuse to be a victim, and if you choose to let your pain [...]
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Neither Pam Beasley nor Queen Latifah

I came to terms with the fact that I needed to hire an assistant. And that sentence still feels so [...]
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The Night Donald Miller Changed My Life

Pour yourself some coffee, my friend. Or a mimosa. Whatever you need to settle in for one of the best [...]
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The Greenhouse: Tonight!

Feelings are neither right nor wrong: they simply are. Tonight at The Greenhouse, we will talk about embracing your freedom [...]
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Two Boys and a Business Calendar

“Guys, I have such a great idea. I am starting to plan my calendar for the winter and spring, because [...]
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