The *Life on Purpose* Summit: A Free Event


Do you want to live your life on purpose?

I am honored to partner with a terrific team of authors, speakers, teachers, and podcasters for a free event next week:

The Life on Purpose Summit

Learn how to find your purpose and recognize your significance without adding one more commitment or service project to your agenda
with the Life On Purpose Summit! Join me and 17 other women authors, speakers, podcasters, & leaders over 5 days to learn about topics like faith, ministry, relationships, and thriving in this life God has given you.

November 2-6, 2020

from the comfort of your own home, on your own schedule.


Life can feel both chaotic and mundane simultaneously – leaving us wondering if any of this even matters.
We want to live our life on purpose, but where do we start?
This is why host Katy Epling brought 18 different women from all walks of life together for the Life On Purpose Virtual Summit.
For five days, starting November 2nd, join us as we share how we are each learning to find our significance,
identity, and purpose in God in hopes that you too discover a more purposeful faith.
The best part? It’s totally free!
Grabbing your ticket is a most purposeful step in living your life more on purpose.
Hope to see you there!

Register here.


Here’s a taste of what you’ll discover by joining the Life on Purpose Summit:

  • How to find purpose in the mundane
  • How to combat the lies that keep us stuck in a rut
  • How to embrace the truth that you are a masterpiece in the making
  • Teaching and resources for discovering YOUR ministry within your daily grind
  • Teaching and resources for relationships when life is uncertain and overwhelming
  • Teaching and resources for balancing faith and your own expectations

Featuring some of the most influential speakers on the topics of life and faith.

Join me and 17 other women authors, speakers, bloggers, and podcasters. Women who have faced everything from the car line and overwhelm to sickness and loss. These women are moms, businesswomen, and wives who’ve learned the secret to maintaining a heart of hope in a world that calls us to be bigger, better, and more than we feel we could ever live up to.


Tricia Lott Williford

Author | Teacher Podcaster

Rebekah Lyons

National Speaker | Bestselling Author

Jillian Benfield

Author |  Speaker

Dr. Angie Ward

Author |Teacher

Michelle Nietert

Counselor | Author Speaker

Gabby Ballom

Speaker | Writer

Katy Epling

Author | Writer | Speaker

Amy Debrucque

Author | Podcaster |
Cancer Survivor

Kristin Vanderlip

Author | Speaker

Pamela Henkelman

Writer | Speaker | Coach

Ronne Rock

Author | Speaker

Jodi Rosser

Writer | Speaker | Podcaster

Amy Kratzer

Author | Speaker | Ministry Leader

Becky Beresford

Author | Speaker

LaKeshia Poole

Author | Speaker Writing Consultant

Taryn Nergaard

Writer | Coach

Eva Kubasiak

Author | Speaker |

Sara Ward

Author | Speaker | Podcaster

Rachael Adams

Writer | Speaker | Podcaster

Kaitlyn Bouchillon

Author | Storyteller | Book Launch Manager

Leigh-Ann Brisbin

Counselor | Speaker Author

LaVonda McCullough

Coach | Author Speaker

“So how exactly does this summit thing work? Do I have to be online at a certain time? What if I have to work? How long will it take?”
Each day of Life on Purpose, attendees will receive an email with links to that day’s speakers. The sessions are approximately 30 minutes long, and we have 4-6 sessions per day. You can watch them in any order, at any time throughout the day! They are COMPLETELY FREE to watch on their designated day!
“What if I run out of time that day, but I still want to watch them? Or what if I really love them and want to watch them again?”
We can absolutely help you with that! We have an All-Access Pass (link in comments) that gives you LIFETIME ACCESS to every single session, PLUS some amazing bonuses AND the chance to win some really great prizes! The All-Access Pass is only $17 IF you purchase it before the summit starts!
“Can I watch with a friend?”
Well, I mean, social distancing and all, folks. But I would love for you to share the registration link with your friends. AND if you have a group who wants to watch it together later–like a mini-retreat online!–we have a GREAT group rate option on the All-Access Pass. Just message me for more details!
“So how do I sign up?”
Tricia Lott Williford

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