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Thousand Kindnesses

A Thousand Small, Glittering Kindnesses

Today, I’ve been thinking about the time when we were on a layover at the airport and a young man [...]
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On Thankfulness and Not Eloping

I have a (deeply empathic) friend who feels sorry for Thanksgiving every year. She says it gets swallowed up in [...]
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1,826 Days: What Do I Know Now

I read somewhere, the only difference between a first marriage and a second is this: the second time, you know [...]
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The Great Wrigley Test

“So, Tricia, do you love baseball?” People ask me this question often, and I have a standard true answer: “I [...]
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My little guys

“It gets better.”

“Mom, I wish you had some kind of record of the things I said when I was little.” The incredulous [...]
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Five Things to Say Every Day

Two of my third graders are getting married. It’s so weird when I say it that way, since they’re hardly [...]
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And I’m Okay with Annoyed.

With a tone of disgust and indignation, one of my children said: “Mom, Peter always wants the best for you. [...]
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Fathers Day 3

He Didn’t Have to Be

When a single mom goes out on a date with somebody new It always winds up feeling more like a [...]
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a hand holding an origami paper heart up to the sun during sunse

More than Filtered Cheekbones

I changed my cover photo on Facebook. It had been a picture of Peter and me enjoying ice cream cones [...]
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A List of Happy

Car Talk. “Let’s make a list of happiness,” I say. We were somewhere south on I-25, far enough south that [...]
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On the Road: A Recipe for Traveling Together

We are a certain two people who will be married for two years on Monday. Such a celebration certainly calls [...]
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Hummingbirds, Pennies, and Verizon Texts

On the day that Robb died, my mom’s phone became Grief’s Grand Central Station. She spent the whole day on [...]
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Drinking Big Gulps of This Life

I have a friend who says her favorite days of life are the days following a headache.  She has chronic [...]
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hands holding a string of paper hearts up to the sun during suns

Someone Else’s Wife

Hi, Robb, I’m a wife.  Again. I’ve written to you lots over the last five-and-a-half years, over our two thousand [...]
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Vows and Promises

I have so many, many things to tell you about the wedding (where the sun shined through an 80% chance [...]
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Once Upon a Second Time, I Got Married.

And then there were four.
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Mommy’s Handcuffs and Whipped Cream

We’re walking through SuperTarget when I realize Tyler is carrying a pair of handcuffs. “Dude, what in the world? Put [...]
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Get Drunk on the Lovely of it All

It is Wedding Week. I am in the last seven days of one of the most sacred seasons of my [...]
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The Vulnerability and Joy: “I’m Getting Married in Nine Days.”

I’m getting married in nine days. The thing about being engaged is that it puts you in a constant state [...]
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From My Brother’s Perspective

“Rob, how do you feel about this love story of your sister’s? How do you feel about all of this?” [...]
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