With a tone of disgust and indignation, one of my children said:

“Mom, Peter always wants the best for you. And the thing is, it’s not even like you want the best for you. But he wants it for you. It’s so annoying.”

Well, of all the frustrations for you.

(He’s annoyed because Peter’s best for me include the following inconveniences for my children: quiet and uninterrupted margin, restful nights, and people not stealing my jackets, devices, and saved-for-later desserts.)

Peter is willing to lock horns with the strongest of opinions in our home, since he’s well aware that I’m often easily worn down and will give in and fork over what I shouldn’t. Peter is not so much one to give in.

So be heartily annoyed, sweet child of mine.

And may your kids resent you for honoring their mother someday, too.  You’ll know you’re on the right track.

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