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Too Many Times.

We are reeling once more. I can’t process it this time. I can’t seem to go near it. Lunchboxes and [...]
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A Prayer for Boulder

Holy God, We are reeling again. Ten people killed while they were shopping for chips, milk, and maybe some ice [...]
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The Laughing Episode

Maybe this has happened to you. You’re some place fairly serious, aiming to have a fairly serious conversation, and suddenly [...]
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I Married an Alcoholic.

This holds some honest truths and rough language. Read with that awareness and without my apologies, because when you tell [...]
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65 Things I want to Tell You. Or, Eight.

“Oh, good. Tricia brought her list,” say my friends who’ve known me longest.  “Nobody else we know runs a coffee [...]
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School Supplies

Love, Hunger, and Middle School Moms

School starts tomorrow. Perhaps you can hear me tapdancing. We’ve entered the stage where I now say on repeat, “Why [...]
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This Mom, Other Moms, Shining Stars and State Testing

“Mom, can you opt us out of the state testing?” “Why?” “Because some other moms are doing that.” “Maybe they [...]
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Female Teen Hands Holding Burning Candle

A Letter to Gracie

An open letter to Gracie Parrish, the young widow of fallen warrior, Deputy Zackari Parrish, who was killed responding to [...]
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New Year, New Word

It’s time. New Year: New Word. I want to learn. I have some specific things I’m working at learning, and I [...]
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Who Spiked the Eggnog?

“Hey, Mom, I would spike the eggnog for a dollar.” My son said this. And my eyebrows went up. “I’m [...]
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My Own Christmas Miracle

Have you ever read a letter to someone else and felt absolutely certain it was written to you? It’s an [...]
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The Artist’s Blessing

My fellow artists, makers, thinkers, crafters, creatives, Have you ever wondered where your ideas come from? Whether they’re yours or [...]
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Outwit. Outplay. Outlast.

Peter and I introduced the boys to Survivor. Outwit. Outplay. Outlast. The social game of getting to the top without [...]
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Grandma’s House, Grandma’s Books

“You go pick out all the books you want, and Grandma will be there in just a minute to read [...]
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The Champions of December: A Love Note to the Teachers

Let’s talk about who’s really killing it during the month of December: The Teachers. They’re planning units that are the [...]
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Empty Christmas ornament

Good Morning, December.

“Good morning, December. Welcome back, lovely one. I’m kind of bored with you.” These were my first thoughts this morning. [...]
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Young confident woman in red cape and mask

Me and The Justice League

I’m not saying I didn’t want to see the movie. I’m just saying it definitely wasn’t my first choice. But [...]
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My Name Looks the Same in Polish

Dear Tricia, We are pleased to let you know that your NavPress book, You can Do This, has been licensed [...]
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It Takes a Gingerbread Village

Let me tell you what husbands love.  When they’re in Thanksgiving Mode, bustling around in to-do mentality, consumed with the [...]
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There’s a New Girl In Town

My parents got a dog. You guys, I’m a fool for this puppy. She is the most darling creature ever. [...]
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