Let’s talk about who’s really killing it during the month of December: The Teachers.

They’re planning units that are the perfect blend of both celebratory and politically correct. They’re orchestrating learning centers involving candy canes and reindeer. They’re utilizing extra amounts of glitter and glue, all of which travel home with them and stay on their person for days upon days. They’re planning class parties, making sure everyone has a treat to take home, and steering clear of all airborne allergies.

And if they teach young children, they’re navigating the inter-classroom politics of the great debate. “Santa: To Believe, or Not To Believe.” Simultaneously affirming the truth tellers and preserving the hearts of magic makers.

They’re receiving all kinds of handmade gifts, coffee mugs, ornaments, and candles, most with apple themes. They’ll be gracious and welcoming and truly thankful, and they’ll wonder what they’ll do with all of these things, so precious and sweet.

They’re wearing Santa sweaters and wooden jewelry and elf hats and light-up earrings.

They’re meeting all of the mandated standards and benchmarks for their grade level with children who are excited with holiday fever, all with the added frustration of cancelled recesses on sub-zero days, leading to squirrely children who need to run in fresh air more than they need to learn cursive and complex comprehension strategies.

They’re undergoing unannounced observations from their supervisors on the day when the heater is on the fritz and everyone in the classroom is melting, both physically and emotionally.

They’re keenly aware of which of their students won’t get very much of a Christmas at all, and they’re figuring out subtle ways to protect and provide for them over the holiday break.

And they’re somehow getting their own shopping, cooking, laundry, and decorating done, loving their own kids’ teachers, and keeping their merry spirits.

Love your teachers this month, my friends.

And though she loves being a teacher, keep in mind that she’s not only a teacher. Bless her with a gift that complements and enhances another portion of the pie graph of her life. (Restaurant gift cards are a win.)

December is a bustling one for the teachers. And they’re killing it.

Lord, bless them, one and all.

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