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Tom Hanks and Peter: Dads Do It Differently

Tom Hanks just released a book of short stories, and that alone has nearly been more than my reading heart [...]
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Young confident woman in red cape and mask

Cape Shopping and the Mess in My Head

You guys, it gets so messy in my head. Peter said the other day, “What are you thinking right now? [...]
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Cable Knit Sweaters and Marching Bands

When we were in high school, my parents gave my brother a sweater for Christmas. It was quite simply the [...]
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You Have Not Wasted a Single Breath

“Persist.” Pure persistence will carry you where no amount of talent, skill, aptitude, and experience can. Persistence will take you [...]
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Me, too.

Yes, me too. My high school teacher gave me a detention and then invited me to lay down on his [...]
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It Can’t Be Defined in Four Letters

We have one word for love. How very silly of us. Such definition can’t be wrapped up in four letters. [...]
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Inside the Las Vegas Shooting: a Survivor’s Story of Heroes

Debbi, a 61-year-old woman from California, was on a girls’ weekend to Vegas, celebrating a couple of birthdays with her [...]
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Sometimes They Belong Someplace Bigger

Tyler found a roly-poly, one of those little black bugs that curls up into a ball. He found it as [...]
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Julia and Dolly

There’s this story I love about Julia Roberts and Dolly Parton, back in the late eighties when they were filming [...]
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Nora Ephron’s Five Words

I love Nora Ephron. I learn from her every chance I can. I am reading Way More Than Luck: Commencement [...]
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Writing and Mothering: Celebrate Everything.

I went to a writer’s retreat last week, an incubated three days in a think tank with writers, authors, editors, [...]
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The Narrow Window for Morning Words

There is this window of time in the morning where I feel compelled to be present but I’m not really [...]
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That Time When I Plagiarized. Accidentally.

I was riding on the wings of a book launch, when energy and excitement are high, and the invitations for [...]
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Lessons from a Soggy Swimsuit

In our family, you have some decisions to make on your birthday. Do you want a one-afternoon birthday party with [...]
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Authentic Intimacy: On the Air with Dr. Juli Slattery

“When the light goes out, you can’t just turn it back on and pretend it never went out. When you [...]
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The Noticing Game

The teacher’s name, Mr. Snodgrass, was printed on the chalkboard in careful block letters. Mr. Snodgrass himself stood before us. [...]
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Because It Is Sunday

“Sundays are family days, the days where the rhythms of church and brunch and afternoon football ease you into rest [...]
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What Does Houston Need? Underwear.

“I’m going to ask you for what we really need,” Brené Brown said on her Instagram video that she filmed [...]
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The Worst Parts and the Retelling

“Remember when you went camping and it rained the whole time and you were soaking wet and the car got [...]
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Jen Hatmaker, Brené Brown, and Tender, Whole-Hearted Brilliance

I’m in that post-book-launch, anchorless place of the writing curve.  There are times when I wake up in the morning, [...]
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