Pure persistence will carry you where no amount of talent, skill, aptitude, and experience can.

Persistence will take you where all the networking and name-dropping in Christendom cannot go, because persistence still has you on your feet when the majority hit the couch over the next inconvenience.


When it seems the anointing has run completely dry.
When it seems heaven has forgotten you’re alive.
When you feel uninspired. Tired. When you’ve just been fired.
When your faith shows no results.
When your obedience has not paid off.
When your prayers seem like wasted breath.
When your bones feel dead – and so does the Word.


Jesus is on his way.
Your anointing has not run dry.
Heaven has not forgotten you’re alive.
You have not believed for nothing.
The results of your faith will soon sprout from that fallow ground.

Just a little more rain.
Just a little more thunder.

Your obedience will pay off.
You have not wasted a single breath on prayer.
There is still life in your bones,

And child of God,
there is still life in his Word.


~ Beth Moore, entrusted

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