It’s time. New Year: New Word.

I want to learn. I have some specific things I’m working at learning, and I want to be intentionally open to what I don’t know that I don’t know. I am most energized and fulfilled when I am actively learning.

Learn more about my craft of writing.
Learn more about Peter, this man who deserves a lifetime of my discovery.
Learn more about Tucker, my strong boy who carries the world inside him.
Learn more about Tyler, my talker whose thoughts linger above his head in transparent balloons.
Learn how to parent teenagers, as this chapter begins in nine months.
Learn more about my personality as an extroverted introvert.
Learn new recipes.
Learn about more authors. Learn about their mentors.
Learn more of Scripture, write it on my heart.
Learn to love.
Learn to give.
Learn to lead.
Learn joy.

And so that’s my word for 2018.  Learn.

I am very excited about this new year.  (Plus, I get to make an 8 every day, and Eight is my favorite number to write. Two happy little circles stacked one on the other, like an almost-snowman.  Every day.)

“It’s better to do something about one thing than nothing about everything.” ~ Mike Ashcraft

Please tell me your word.


Happy New Year, you guys.

Let’s blow this thing out of the water.

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