My Name Looks the Same in Polish

Dear Tricia,

We are pleased to let you know that your NavPress book, You can Do This, has been licensed for publication in a Polish edition. We are grateful that your book continues to reach new audiences all over the world.

Congratulations on this new edition of your book, and thank you for your partnership in reaching the goal of ministering to the spiritual needs of the world.

Gratefully Yours,

The NavPress Alliance Team


* * *

I keep opening it, glancing through the pages, as if I’ll be able to read or recognize a single word of it. 

Well, one phrase is the same. My name.

In other news, we’ve all started asking Siri how to pronounce Peterowi, Tuckerowi, and Tylerowi.  My Polish counterparts.

A dose of confidence is coming your way, Poland.

May the words wrap around your heart and warm their way in.

Tricia Lott Williford

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  1. We’re in Czech, right next door. The Slavic languages change the endings of nouns, there are seven cases for every noun (yes, it’s terrible), etc etc etc. My guess is that “-owi” is possessive, and pronounced “oh-vee” 🙂

  2. A Polish woman I worked with played with the ignorant-American idea that all Poles’ names end in “-ski.” On our team, the Filipino, Ben, was renamed “Benoski.” The Korean boss, Myon, was renamed “Myonoski.” The Vietnamese,Thahn, was renamed “Thahnoski.” Another American, Sam” was renamed “Samoski.” And I was renamed “Sallyoski.” She really united our team with her humor, and when we weren’t using her names, we called each other “Brother” and “Sister.”

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