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Thousand Kindnesses

A Thousand Small, Glittering Kindnesses

Today, I’ve been thinking about the time when we were on a layover at the airport and a young man [...]
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1,826 Days: What Do I Know Now

I read somewhere, the only difference between a first marriage and a second is this: the second time, you know [...]
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My little guys

“It gets better.”

“Mom, I wish you had some kind of record of the things I said when I was little.” The incredulous [...]
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Projector Beam Of Light

The Choice To Watch the Movie

The thing is, I’ve lived a very, very sad story for the last five years. I’m crying today because it’s [...]
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Four pairs of isolated handmade wool socks hanging on a rope.

Four: Everybody has Somebody.

I made Mexican Queso tonight for dinner, and you would have thought the circus was coming to town for the great [...]
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a hand holding an origami paper heart up to the sun during sunse

A Few Things I Know

“What do you feel like you know, on that side of marriage?” On this side of marriage, I do think [...]
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Superhero Girl In A Red

Courageous is… Who??

“Guys, this week, a friend of mine is coming to take some pictures of us. She’s an author and a [...]
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Mommy, You’re The Firework.

He was playing with some new (albeit thus far nameless) friends at the play area at the mall. They leapfrogged [...]
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The Words That Aren’t Mine

In Captivating, Stasi Eldridge writes a beautiful story about a time when she her husband John decide to go canoeing [...]
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The Fact Is: I am Okay.

There are times when I find my heart in someone else’s words.  When that’s the case, I don’t try to [...]
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Sparkling New Beginnings

You just never know when something you fear will be easier than you think. Hooray for new beginnings.
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It Doesn’t Feel Like Christmas When I’m Sweating.

There’s a theory of ‘desensitizing,’ where a person slowly reintroduces themselves to the environment of a traumatic event, and they [...]
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A Letter to Tripp and Tyler

Dear Tripp and Tyler, Your comedy saved my life. When my husband died, my world became very small. I was [...]
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The October Train

Here’s a look into my therapist’s office. I’m in a pretty angry place again.  It’s hard to be angry with [...]
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One More Fist Bump, Baby.

I meant to wake up at 6:30. That was the plan. But the sound of my alarm wove itself right [...]
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Two Boys and a Business Calendar

“Guys, I have such a great idea. I am starting to plan my calendar for the winter and spring, because [...]
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Two Movies and Some Sour Patch Kids

Robb and I had a no good, very bad, terrible, horrible history of watching movies together. Any trip to Blockbuster [...]
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Like Father, Like Son.

As we left church today, Tucker held the door for me. And as I passed by, I heard myself say, [...]
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A Bird in the Hand

A bird flew into our house.  She was throwing herself against the window, a fluster of wings and beak.   [...]
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Don’t Wear, Don’t Need, Won’t Part With.

I’ve done a bit of research this week. Focus groups, if you will. “Tell me: What do you have in [...]
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