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Arguing with the Ones Who Bring the Daisies

“Because this business of becoming conscious, of being a writer, is ultimately about asking yourself, How alive am I willing [...]
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First of all, Thank You.

[et_pb_section bb_built=”1″][et_pb_row][et_pb_column type=”4_4″][et_pb_text _builder_version=”3.19.7″] You are wonderful, this sea of you who read my words.   Peter and I have [...]
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Trauma, Triggers, and Marriage: Hello, December.

I’m going along, minding my own business, creating this new and beautiful life just the way I want it to [...]
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Uniforms are not Costumes.

We were riding in the car and I decided to maximize our time by holding a little family meeting to [...]
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Shopping for a Wedding Dress with Boys

“Guys, I have a super important invitation for you. I have to tell you, it’s not something most children get [...]
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Man in shopping mall

To The Handsome Man Who Didn’t Recognize Me

Dear Very Handsome Man, “Whatchya workin’ on?” is really a pretty great opener to a conversation with a writer. Engaged, listening [...]
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SCARSDALE, NY – SEPTEMBER 15, 2013: A tall Starbucks coffee in f

Look Who’s Wearing The Green Apron

Look at this greatness right here. My name is Tricia, and I am a Starbucks barista. It was really kind [...]
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Lost Child

That Thing Called Brave

And so, the pins are out of Tucker’s foot.  We can officially say he is tougher than nails.  Because, oh [...]
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Steaming coffee cup on a rainy day window background

Some Things Do Not Stop Being

The subject of this blog post asked that I take it down based on the personal backlash he has received. [...]
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Young plant

4 Ways To Help Someone in Crisis

I’m not particularly qualified by profession or education to offer counseling or therapy, wisdom or advice. I don’t have a [...]
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Jelly beans sugar candy snack in a jar isolated on white

The Answer I Didn’t Know I Needed

A writer’s conference is a the craziest mixed bag of personalities.  It’s like a store-bought bag of mixed Jelly Belly [...]
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That Moment When I was Ridiculous with Jon Acuff

I feel like I can call Jon Acuff my friend because it’s a liberty I need to take, since one [...]
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baby clothing

Let’s Get This ‘Baby’ Ready for the World

Books are like babies.  Hard to wait for, lots of work, and you can only hope it’s not ugly. All [...]
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Bear v. Man or Boy?

“Poppa, if a bear came after us, would you let him eat us? Or would you fight him?” “I would [...]
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Let Me Tell You Something About Sara Groves

She stood so close to me with her hand on my arm. Her voice is so gentle and her words [...]
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Large Mcdonald’s Sign

Old Men and McDonalds and I Didn’t Make This Up.

“That looks like a good stretch,” he said as he walked by my table. He made vicarious stretching sounds while [...]
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Happy Sunshiny Thoughts

It’s not that I mean to disagree. It’s just that I disagree. Tricia, I’m so sorry you lost your husband, [...]
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Online Dating: So, There’s That.

  “So, tell me your story?” We’ve got to somehow address the children we’ve each mentioned, and how they came [...]
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Somehow I Didn’t Punch Him In the Neck

So, remember when I was all lit about about the book When We Were on Fire? And I invited all [...]
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When Authenticity Was a Poor Choice

“Good morning, Tricia! And how are you today?” I have a half-second lead time to decide: to be authentic or [...]
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