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First of all, Thank You.


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You are wonderful, this sea of you who read my words.  

Peter and I have been so overwhelmed by the outpouring of your hearts in response to sharing his story on Monday.  

You have written to tell us about your stories, your families, your celebrations, and your victories over the same battle. Some of you are saying it out loud for the first time.  

It’s a risk to put something out into the world like that. And you caught it safely, with both hands.  

I knew you would. We have a long history of life together, you and me, on both sides of this screen.  

Thank you.  

In other news, it’s been a big week of conversations here. Peter confessed that he doesn’t like the Gilmore Girls. For a solid moment, I wasn’t sure we could continue.  

He said, “I don’t. I’m sorry. I do not like them. And I don’t know why you do. That Lorelei is one long series of bad decisions.”

I paused for a moment to gather myself. One does not respond to these things quickly. Slow to anger, Tricia.

“Well, Peter, good decisions do not a plot make.”
“Tricia, if she were a real person –”
“Peter, she is a real person.
“Tricia, she is not a real person, and if she were, you would not spend time with her. She talks incessantly, and those people make you tired.”
“It’s called witty banter.”
“It’s called annoying.”
I gasped.

“Trish, I’m onto you. It’s not Lorelei that you love so much. It’s that Amy Palladino who created her. Palamino. Palmonko. Palapopodoplous. Whatever. You know who I mean. That writer. She’s the one you really love.”

(Maybe I don’t know how to separate the creator from the created. I do not see this as a character flaw.)

He said, “We can keep watching the series if you need to.”
“I don’t need to. Not if you’re over there criticizing my friends.”

Silence. He may have rolled his eyes regarding the blurry lines between reality and fantasy.

I offered an alternative with the remote control in my hand. “We could finish Parenthood.”

“Oh, then I have another confession. It’s time I told you. Sarah Braverman is no better than Lorelei. And I cannot handle Crosby Braverman.”

You guys. This. It might be too much.


Tricia Lott Williford

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  1. I’ve been married 49 years to the same man. He probably could not begin to tell you my favorite TV show much less ever sit down & watch it with me. I, however, know all of his and have grown to love many of them. (Excypt, Cops Live, or what ever that is called) it’s why I have my own space & my own TV and why I tape what I want to catch. (which is getting to be less and less) Give this marvelous guy a break, my sweet Tricia. I love his honesty and fortitude.

  2. I loved reading your last blog post. We’ve all got crap and to pretend otherwise is folly. Thank you Peter for being brave and vulnerable enough to share your story.

  3. I love Gilmore Girls, but my husband doesn’t like Alexis Bledel’s voice. People have strong reactions to the Gilmore Girls. I didn’t mind Lorelai’s bad decisions as much as Rory’s- she got much less interesting/admirable to me in the later seasons!! But still love the show.

    Have you and Peter tried the Marvelous Mrs. Maisel? Another Amy Palladino! But very different from GG or Parenthood 🙂

  4. I’m not a troll but I am wondering why you didn’t post the comment about GG being trashy. Huh. I guess you only post comments you like.

    • No comments have been deleted from this page. I do see that you used the same email address to comment as Kayden as well as Thomas. Perhaps you are referring to the first comment you made (as “Kayden”), which is visible if you scroll down.

  5. I think maybe we love Lorelei because she makes bad decisions and yet, she is still deeply loved and supported by so many people. And out of that community she learns, very slowly, how to love her daughter fiercely and how to forgive her parents and learns, again slowly, how to receive the love they are capable of giving. (Of course, I’m not including A Year In The Life, because that was just wrong on so many levels.)

    And isn’t that the story we all long to live?

  6. I agree. Gilmore Girls is trashy. I tried to watch due to all the hype, but I did not get the point of bad decision after bad decision. Parenthood too. It makes me feel dirty to be shocked watching how many people they all sleep around with. So I quit.

  7. Thank you Peter, I could not agree more,
    Sorry Tricia , sort of.

  8. But Peter gets points for his insight. I bet you, like me LOVE AMY PALLADINO. I wonder what Peter will think of The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel.

  9. If Peter doesn’t like Gilmore Girls, he’s not alone, and just moved up a notch in my book.

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