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My little guys

Jesus Didn’t Parent Toddlers: A Love Letter to the Parents of Littles

Parents of Preschoolers and Toddlers, this season is the real deal, isn’t it?  You are in the t-r-e-n-c-h-e-s. When my [...]
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And Life Comes Back

One of My Favorites for Only $1.99

A big announcement for you today, you guys! My publisher has chosen to feature my first book for an online [...]
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Get Drunk on the Lovely of it All

It is Wedding Week. I am in the last seven days of one of the most sacred seasons of my [...]
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Better Than You Think

I leaned out the Starbucks drive-thru window to hand a drink to the customer in her car, and that’s when [...]
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Sneakers From Above.

Single Parenting, Dating, and Boundaries

I’ve never introduced the boys to anyone I’ve dated throughout the last five years because I was so deeply committed [...]
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Father With Children Sunset

The Heart of Joseph

Jesus grew up without his biological dad. Joseph married Mary, knowing she was pregnant with a child that was not [...]
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hands holding a string of paper hearts up to the sun during suns

“Mom, Will You Still Love My Dad?”

“Mom, I just have one question.” He was in the backseat of the car, still consistently the safest place for [...]
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Photo with a broken heart protected with straws

There Are Things I Haven’t Told You

I have a photo of the Last Halloween. The boys are five and three years old, and they are dressed [...]
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150 Pounds in The World’s Unwieldiest Stroller

Well, just in case I didn’t love grocery shopping with every ounce of my heart, I’m now back to pushing [...]
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Empty Swings At Playground On Dull Day

How To Talk To Your Children About Grief, Loss, and Death

My husband died when my children were three and five years old. I realize that’s a sudden and abrupt way [...]
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Tucker Learns To Walk Again

1 Fall from a Swingset 4 Breaks 8 Hospital Visits 1 Surgery 5 Pins 1 Screw 16 stitches 3 Days [...]
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Retro Vintage Style Classic White Alarm Clock On Vintage Blue Ba

Hopalong Cassidy and Sir Embarrassed

Let me tell you one thing I know for sure, a nugget of foundational truth that will never change: Nothing [...]
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Grace Notes for the First Day Of School

Today marked a great big finish line for us: The First Day of School.  #BrokenFootSummer is “over,” and we have [...]
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Pool Toy

Kids’ Day: Ty the Fly, Bullfrog, and Peacock

There is Mother’s Day; there is Father’s Day.  And in our family, the first day of summer vacation is Kids’ Day.  [...]
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Tender Heart, Rainy Day

A book was born this week. If there were birth announcements for such things, it might read, “Weighing in at [...]
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To Wear Yourself Out. Human Exhaustion Lead To Depression. Icons

Good Parenting is Freaking Hard

You guys, I’m exhausted. We are limping into a new week around here. Good parenting is freaking hard. When I [...]
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Sneakers From Above.

Draw The Line Somewhere

“Mommy, I think there are some things you shouldn’t do before you’re married.” “You are exactly right, buddy,” I say, [...]
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Paper Heart Decoration

A Warrior’s Heart

I wish I’d known from the beginning that I was born a strong woman. What a difference it would have [...]
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Fish Bowl

Lunchables, Goldfish Marriages, and Where The Red Fern Grows

“Mommy, did you know someone can die of a broken heart?” “I do know.” I very nearly have. I don’t [...]
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Writers Block

Babies and Broncos and Listening for God

“Mommy, I don’t know why I can never hear God.” A question that every single one of us has asked, [...]
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