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Babies and Broncos and Listening for God

Writers Block

“Mommy, I don’t know why I can never hear God.”

A question that every single one of us has asked, we who have ever believed or not believed or questioned whether we believe.

“What are you hoping to hear him say?”

“Well, every single time I ask him to forgive me, he never says okay.”

“That is such a good question, kiddo.  I’m so glad you asked me that one – especially because it’s one I can answer.  God talks to us and answers our questions in lots of ways, and one of those is through the Bible. He said that he would forgive us immediately, every single time we ask, and we get a clean slate every morning.  So, even if you can’t hear him, you can know he is forgiving you because he said he would.”

“Well, I keep asking him into my heart, but I don’t know if he’s there.  He should tell me if he’s there.”

Another question that theologians spend their lives wrestling with.

“That’s another one that’s in the Bible.  It’s a promise he wrote down for us, so we can know it’s true. If you’ve asked him, and I know you have, then he’s there.”

“Well, the other thing I’m wondering about is babies.”

“What are you wondering about them?”  This could go in so many directions.  Show me the next mile marker, buddy.

“When they are born, do they have blood on them?”

“Sometimes they do, yes.”

“Ew.  Why?”

“Because it’s all kind of a bloody process.”

“Why wasn’t I just born with clothes on?”

“Because my body only knew how to make a baby, not how to make baby clothes.”

“And also I’m wondering when the Broncos play today.”

“That, my friend, is a question for Siri.”

Sometimes, you just have to outsource.

Tricia Lott Williford

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