There is Mother’s Day; there is Father’s Day.  And in our family, the first day of summer vacation is Kids’ Day. 

Part of me wanted to say to myself, “But, Trish, every day is Kids’ Day.  When are they not celebrated with galaxies of gold stars and affirmation?” 

Right.  It’s true.  They’re not suffering for lack of celebration, surprises, and fun snacks.  Still, it’s fun to invent your own holidays.  I stand by this wholeheartedly.

We slept in as long as they wanted, which is my new favorite thing about this life stage: their love of sleep.  We had a lunch of champions at McDonalds, then we went bowling where we all wore irresistibly cute shoes and nicknamed ourselves Ty the Fly, Bullfrog, and Peacock.  We may or may not have all used bumpers and the toddler bowler’s ramp.  

(Don’t judge.  An injury to my hands is an occupational hazard for me. Okay, the truth is I don’t damage this manicure for anybody’s bowling score, my own notwithstanding.  Bring on the ramp designed for children not big enough to lift a bowling ball.  I’m not above it.)

We went on a water-gun-shopping-spree at Target, we went swimming with new pool toys (see later post on sunburns), and we finished the day with a picnic at the pool.

I almost posted this picture for the serenity of it all.

Pool Toy

But this one is far more accurate.

Big Splash

When we got home, Tucker said, “Can we just have a lazy day tomorrow? That sounds so good to me.”  Yes.  Yes, we can.

(Mom: 1.  Summer Boredom: 0.)

In a week or so, when they’re telling me how very bored they are and how we never, ever do anything fun, I will raise my coffee cup with my eyes half-mast, and I will point to this day on the calendar, the one marked with a gold star.

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