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On Thankfulness and Not Eloping

I have a (deeply empathic) friend who feels sorry for Thanksgiving every year. She says it gets swallowed up in [...]
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Sam the Friendship Dog

“Is he a police dog?” “No, he’s a friendship dog.” “Why is he here?” “We brought him to your school [...]
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Young plant

4 Ways To Help Someone in Crisis

I’m not particularly qualified by profession or education to offer counseling or therapy, wisdom or advice. I don’t have a [...]
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Sunrise silhouette of 10 young women walking hand in hand.

Everybody Needs An Elizabeth

I think one of God’s greatest creations is women. That’s not a feminist statement or sexist statement, because – believe [...]
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Depressed Man Sitting On The Bench

When the Encourager Chooses to Stay Silent

Confession: I don’t like negative emotions, and I’ve often been known to swoop in and rescue someone from their rightful [...]
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There Are People You Love

Sometimes there are people you love because you learned to love them a long time ago, because when you say, [...]
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Fruit, Group Texts, and an Intervention

“It’s probably a silly question, but is anybody eating before we meet for dinner tonight? We are eating kind of [...]
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With Love and Xanax

Dear Anxiety, Here’s the deal about this weekend in Ohio: you are not invited. I am returning to my hometown, [...]
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“She’s A Blogger.”

I have heard the following quotes recently: “Look out: she’s a writer. She’ll tell the world.” “Can you repeat that [...]
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Hard Truths and Soft Landings

We trust our friends to tell us what we need to know, and to shield us from what we don’t [...]
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In the Cave

How are you holding up? What are you up to? I’m in bed. The short response worries me. Not good, [...]
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What I Learned in an Improv Workshop with Tripp Crosby

“You’ve signed up for an improv workshop today, so already I know something about you. You are fun, and you [...]
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Dangling Participle

A friend of a friend has a little boy named Jerend. Word nerds that we are, we kind of want [...]
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“People need spoons.”

I was on the phone with Laurelyn. (You know how I love Laurelyn.) I sat at the top of the [...]
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Parade of Home

We have an unofficial Mayor of the Cul de Sac, a jovial guy whom you just really want to be [...]
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To Love a Tuesday

Tonight I said goodbye to my girl, Lisa – the first Tuesday to leave the nest. She sent me home [...]
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To Someone Else

“There is a value and comfort in being here and understanding what matters most is only who you were to [...]
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One friend lost her dad this week.  Suddenly, unexpectedly.  I pray for her courage as she is with her family, [...]
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A Lady and Gents

The boys each brought a friend home from school today. Tyler invited a little girl, and he honored her as [...]
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It’s Time To Be Brave

She was volunteering as a classroom mom on the day when the reptiles came to visit.  The reptologist brought her [...]
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