The word Content

I have heard the following quotes recently:

“Look out: she’s a writer. She’ll tell the world.”

“Can you repeat that quote? It’s a good one. Plus, we’ll see it on Tricia’s blog in the morning.”

“Be warned: whatever you say can and will be used against you on the internet.”

“She’s a blogger. Everything is bloggable.”

“Don’t you dare blog about that, Tricia. I’m telling you, don’t do it.”

“She has a camera in her red bag. She’ll take a picture.” “I know. This is what she does.”

See, here’s the thing. The only difference between writers and the rest of the world is this: A writer slows it all down. She thinks about it from every angle, until she finds the best one. And then, with some careful crafting, she tells what’s interesting about a crack in the sidewalk or the whipped cream on her mocha. And on a great day, she can make you laugh.

So, my friends, watch out. Because I’m watching.

If you’re not careful, and even if you are, you just might end up on the blog. (It’s really the highest of compliments. I promise.)

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