Sam the Friendship Dog


“Is he a police dog?”
“No, he’s a friendship dog.”
“Why is he here?”
“We brought him to your school to see if anybody would like to pet him. Maybe somebody needs a friend today.”
“I do. I need a friend.”
“Then Sam is here to see you.”


We brought our pal Sam to some schools in Highlands Ranch today. He’s a certified therapy dog, and he brings friendship wherever he goes.


The shooting on Tuesday has left our whole community feeling sad, worried, disheartened, unsafe, and grieved.  Even the sky hasn’t stopped crying. We are a community longing for sunshine.

I asked Tyler, “How does it feel to go back to school after what happened?”

My boy said, with heartbreaking accuracy, “It’s just how it is now, Mom.”

As they keep saying on the news, the children are sadly the ones taking it in stride. They have drills for this. They train regularly. It’s just the way it is now

The children flocked to Sam. The teachers flocked to us. “Thank you. We needed him today.”



Look for the helpers. And whenever you get the chance, be one.

Tricia Lott Williford

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  1. Dogs are one of God’s gifts to us. They don’t erase our woes, but they give us the encouragement we need to find a path through them.

  2. Tears streaming down my face. I love the picture of Peter. His smile. Be one. I promise you I’ll be one too whenever can. Because that’s what do as people. We love each other a much as we can wherever we can for as long add we can.

  3. What a beautiful idea! This community must really be hurting. Hope this doggie cheers many up!

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