“It’s probably a silly question, but is anybody eating before we meet for dinner tonight? We are eating kind of late, and i am feeding the kids now, so… Trying to decide.”

“I’m planning to eat when we are together. Snacking on some fruit now.”

“Fruit? Tricia? Are you the one who said that? Fruit?! What have you done?”

“Fruit. Some might even call it a ‘fruit cup.'”

“Is it inside a donut or dipped in chocolate?”

“it’s fruit. Blueberries even.”

“Is there whipped cream involved! Wait. It’s wine, isn’t it?”

“girls! It’s fruit!”

“Who are you? And does tricia¬†know you have her phone?!”

“My doctor said something about cholesterol. So, you know, mid thirties and whatev. It’s probably a passing thing. This business of fruit.”

“If you order a salad tonight, I’m calling an intervention.”

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