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Another Sleepy, Dusty Delta Day

“‘It was the third of June, another sleepy, dusty Delta day. I was out choppin’ cotton and my brother was [...]
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mother's day

Sears Portraits and Mother’s Day, circa 1997

“All I want for Mother’s Day is a picture of my kids,” she told us. Well, that’s simple enough. Plus, [...]
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It’s Not a Word – Yet.

“Tarbled.” adjective: wind-blown; lacking precision but compensating in charm; messy but cute. ~ ~ ~ "I am a lover of [...]
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Tibia 4

We Are Trying to Be Civilized.

Maybe you’ve seen this story that’s circulating on social media: “Years ago, anthropologist Margaret Mead was asked by a student [...]
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So Much “Leisure Time”

Back when I was navigating the long days with little people, some researchers endeared themselves to me with a released [...]
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ranch dressing

Ranch Dressing and Orgasms

“Mom, did you know they make ranch dressing seasoning?” one son says. “I feel like she bought that already,” says [...]
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Where Is JEsus

Our Loudest Easter Story

I wanted to send this story to you on Easter morning or the night before, but things got away from [...]
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Locked in a Bedroom: A Good Friday Gone Wrong

It’s been more than a decade since this Good Friday situation, the day Baby Tyler locked Toddler Tucker and me [...]
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My little guys

Jesus Didn’t Parent Toddlers: A Love Letter to the Parents of Littles

Parents of Preschoolers and Toddlers, this season is the real deal, isn’t it?  You are in the t-r-e-n-c-h-e-s. When my [...]
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The Very Definition

  Looking through some old journals tonight, I found this dialogue from four-year-old Tucker: “Mommy, let’s make a train. Tyler [...]
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SpongeBob: An Unexpected Social Parody

Tyler and I went to see SpongeBob the Musical last night, since – surprise, surprise – it wasn’t on the [...]
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Family Devotions and Testicles

We gave the boys new Bibles for Easter, because it was time. They needed to graduate to a version that [...]
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A White Wolf in the Living Room

So, let me set the stage. We had just finished a two-day baseball tournament, and we were – all of [...]
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SCARSDALE, NY – SEPTEMBER 15, 2013: A tall Starbucks coffee in f

Listen, If I Don’t Get My Coffee…

I can’t say I really wanted to see the top of a mountain during our anniversary trip to New Mexico. [...]
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Not Your Mama’s Fireworks

A throwback to two years ago, when I embarrassed myself with inappropriate sounds of Independence Day delight. We went to [...]
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Dance teacher giving children Zumba fitness class in gym

That Night When We Lost A Talent Show

I went to a retreat last weekend where they had a Talent Show, and it prompted me to recall the [...]
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Stalking and Not Stalking

“Tricia, I have to confess, I’ve been stalking you.  I read everything you write.” No, see, the thing is, I [...]
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The Bossiest, Sassiest in All the Land

My nail technician is the sassiest Vietnamese woman I’ve ever met. It took us a little while to figure each [...]
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Well, this is awkward. And if you’re in the throes of raising virtuous little girls who would never do this, [...]
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Family Devotions: The Recipe for Crazy Making

We gave the boys new Bibles for Easter, because it was time. They needed to graduate to a version that [...]
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