lacking precision but compensating in charm; 
messy but cute.
~ ~ ~

"I am a lover of messy people; 
a tarbled mom of two teenage boys who are likely late to school and wearing mismatched socks; 
I have been known to absent-mindedly doodle in the margins of overdue library books; 
I have battled depression and anxiety to degrees that have nearly drowned me; 
I have begged the Lord for miracles that only He could provide;
and somewhere in the midst of all of that,
I feel hopelessly in love with the Word of God as a light to my next step 
and the air for my next breath."
~ ~ ~

I used the word Tarbled in my book announcement, and I got several replies: “And now I’m off to look up the word ‘tarbled!'”

You won’t find it. It’s not a word.  But I’ve used it in every book I’ve written.

My darling college roommate made up this word when she walked across campus in the wind. She looked in the mirror and declared herself tarbled. And ever since, we’ve been collectively and casually weaving this word into conversations, dialogues, monologues, and book manuscripts, all in an effort to get the attention of the Merriam-Websters of the world.

In the meantime, I answer texts like this one:
It’s not a real word – yet. But I’ve been trying for twenty years to make it one.

Feel free to join the movement.

Joey Tribbiani says if you use a word three times, you’ve made it yours.
Surely we’re getting close.

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