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Grass Stains and Touchdowns

I love to watch kids playing football. Their varying degrees of grass stains, interest, and commitment. It looked like a [...]
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hands holding a string of paper hearts up to the sun during suns

That’s Not Everything About Her

We had just introduced ourselves, this group of people who would share the day together.  They’re somewhere in between learning [...]
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Too Beautiful

At the middle table at Starbucks, a mom and her daughter are playing a game and drinking hot chocolate. Mom [...]
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Thousand Kindnesses

A Thousand Small, Glittering Kindnesses

Today, I’ve been thinking about the time when we were on a layover at the airport and a young man [...]
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Union Station

Waymaking at the Train Station

I am sitting in Denver’s Union Station. I’m not taking a train anywhere, but the station is pure magic to [...]
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Baby Ben, a Digital Robot, & My First Go at Grandparenting

My memory-keeper apps brought up this story from a year ago, when we got to know Baby Ben the digital [...]
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Baby Ben, a Digital Robot, & My First Go at Grandparenting

I don’t know if I’ve mentioned this recently, but Tuck is in tenth grade.  He has far surpassed my height, [...]
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The Naked Movie

I am writing in the library today. A mom and her little girl – probably four years old – walked [...]
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a hand holding an origami paper heart up to the sun during sunse

More than Filtered Cheekbones

I changed my cover photo on Facebook. It had been a picture of Peter and me enjoying ice cream cones [...]
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The Sparkling Moment

I have wanted to meet her for a long time. Natalie Goldberg is the queen bee of memoir, and she [...]
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Snakes in Santa Fe

It turns out that Santa Fe doesn’t have nearly as many snakes as I thought. I thought the whole city [...]
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Helicopters, Cattle, and Neapolitan Ice Cream

Snippets of dialogue at our Thanksgiving table. Characters: Me, Peter, Tucker, Tyler, my Mom, and my Dad. (But characters are [...]
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Get Drunk on the Lovely of it All

It is Wedding Week. I am in the last seven days of one of the most sacred seasons of my [...]
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Beautiful Young Woman At The Airport

Love Connection in the Friendly Skies

In my ongoing efforts to prove that one can be footloose, fancy-free, and an airline flyer (I admit this is [...]
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150 Pounds in The World’s Unwieldiest Stroller

Well, just in case I didn’t love grocery shopping with every ounce of my heart, I’m now back to pushing [...]
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“and life comes back” – in My Very Own Voice

I’m in the studio this week, laying tracks for the audible recording of And Life Comes Back.  I’m kind of [...]
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Lonely Woman Silhouette Swinging At Sunset On The Beach

Fifteen Years.

Fifteen years.  That’s a lot of years.  This would have been a milestone anniversary for us, I like to think.  [...]
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He Threw Down the Gauntlet on the Breckenridge River

Robb and I were in our twenties, and our children were merely a far-away-maybe-someday hope. It was just the two [...]
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Close-up of female and male holding by hands in park

This One Important Thing

To read this article in its entirety with PJ Parenting, click here. I was drinking iced coffees at Starbucks with [...]
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Football Huddle

Never Miss The Real Win

I’ll admit, I still have kind of a hard time knowing who has the ball and what’s happening next on [...]
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