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hands holding a string of paper hearts up to the sun during suns

That’s Not Everything About Her

We had just introduced ourselves, this group of people who would share the day together.  They’re somewhere in between learning [...]
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Happy Birthday, And Life Comes Back.

This little book turns Seven Years Old this week. She’s basically a first grader, out in the real world, tying [...]
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School is In Session

I took my children to school today. It felt gloriously normal, like muscles that have ached to be stretched. It’s [...]
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TLW Christmas

Give My Book for Christmas!

A Christmas Special: Give my book for Christmas!   For $20, I’ll send to you a *personalized, signed copy* of [...]
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And Life Comes Back

One of My Favorites for Only $1.99

A big announcement for you today, you guys! My publisher has chosen to feature my first book for an online [...]
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the word love written on a lined piece of school paper in ink wi

Earthquakes, Aftershocks, and Falling in Love

Falling in love is a little bit terrifying. And sometimes a lot bit. Remember that story of the morning when [...]
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Photo with a broken heart protected with straws

There Are Things I Haven’t Told You

I have a photo of the Last Halloween. The boys are five and three years old, and they are dressed [...]
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Playground Equipment

Bracelets and Merry-Go-Rounds: This Girl Takes Back Control

Has it ever happened to you that you’ve realized you’ve been doing all the wrong things? Maybe not all the [...]
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Handwriting, hand writes with a pen in a notebook

True Stories Told Well: Tricia Lott Williford

Recently, FaithHappenings featured my writing in their Author Spotlight. Here’s my interview with a splash of personality. What do you love to write and [...]
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“and life comes back” – in My Very Own Voice

I’m in the studio this week, laying tracks for the audible recording of And Life Comes Back.  I’m kind of [...]
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Young plant

4 Ways To Help Someone in Crisis

I’m not particularly qualified by profession or education to offer counseling or therapy, wisdom or advice. I don’t have a [...]
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Great Big Amazing News

“Hey, guys?  I have some great big amazing news. Want to hear it?” I taunt them because every great bit [...]
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Christmas Words for Christmas Cards

Since this is the year that my boys and I are taking back our holidays, this is the year when [...]
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Rice Bowl

Happenings over Teriyaki and White Rice

“Do you have a punch card with us?” “I should get one, shouldn’t I?” “You definitely should.” And the next [...]
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Let Me Tell You Something About Sara Groves

She stood so close to me with her hand on my arm. Her voice is so gentle and her words [...]
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The Firehouse: A Visit with Our Heroes

So, while this was happening, the paramedics said to Tuck, “Let’s see… how many stitches do you think you’ll need?” [...]
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That Time I Hijacked a Stranger’s iPhone

“Can you write this down?” she said to one of the friends standing beside her, nearly holding her up.  “There’s [...]
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If You’re Reading this on Facebook, I’m Overthinking It.

It feels weird to post this.  But I’ve recently learned how to take the power away from awkward conversations: acknowledge [...]
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I Thought I Wanted A Ruby

I bought an emerald ring. I bought a ring because life has come back, and this milestone must be commemorated [...]
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With Love and Xanax

Dear Anxiety, Here’s the deal about this weekend in Ohio: you are not invited. I am returning to my hometown, [...]
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You Are Safe Now

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