“Hey, guys?  I have some great big amazing news. Want to hear it?”

I taunt them because every great bit of news needs a great introduction.

“Yes, Mommy!  Yes!”

And Life Comes Back is a finalist for a 2015 Christian Book Award!

“Are you ready?”

“We’re ready!  Tell us!”

I told them that my book, and life comes back, is a finalist for a 2015 Christian Book Award in the category of New Authors.  My sweet young men cheered and celebrated with the same gusto as when Tucker scored a touchdown or when Tyler’s painting was chosen for the art show.  Because in our family, what’s important to one of us is important to all of us.

Tucker’s eyes filled with tears.  He said, “Mommy, I think God’s dreams for you are coming true.”

I said, “Oh, sweet boy, I think you are right.  I love how happy you are.  Are you a little teary?”

“Just a little, Mom.”

A little is enough.




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