I took my children to school today. It felt gloriously normal, like muscles that have ached to be stretched.
It’s hard to be isolated in eighth and ninth grade. As a friend of mine said, “Once I started ninth grade, my social life was so busy that I pretty much never really came back home.” My boys have longed for those routines and outlets and freedoms. Today was that day.
They laid out their outfits and backpacks and lunchboxes last night, like it was the night before Christmas. Tucker said, “I feel like I was born for this day.”
They came home with a million stories, as they always do on the first day of anything. They told me who they sat with at lunch. The teachers who made them laugh. The science experiments they got to do – in an actual science lab with their actual hands on actual things.
My favorite story:
Tyler’s science teacher pointed out two kids who were talking in the back of the classroom.
His voice was stern. He said, “Hey. You two, back there. Everyone, turn and look at those two who are talking while I’m teaching. Do you know what I have to say about that?”
And then his voice softened.
He said, “I love that sound. I’ve missed every single one of your distractions. Please. Keep talking today.”
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