This little book turns Seven Years Old this week.
She’s basically a first grader, out in the real world, tying her shoes and reading books on her own.


I’d like for you to please notice Tucker, working the line and meeting the people.6FDD65A2-A7F7-43D2-8518-587A142A479D

Now, please notice Tyler, working so hard to work the Sharpie.F924BCDB-AB63-4A1B-8BA5-69D1A1613C62

Peter would like for you to *not notice* my haircut.  6E702E70-B1DD-40D9-8A32-C48A26B528E3

Whenever we talk about why this love story didn’t start sooner,
I say it’s because I needed time to heal.

Peter says it’s because he needed time for my hair to grow out.


The lines were long.
The crowds were large.
The bookstore was unprepared.
You guys showed up Big Time.

And I loved you right back.


This little lady went on to be a finalist for Book of the Year in 2013,
in the category of New Authors.

She didn’t win, but I didn’t mind.
We did a thing together, this book and me.

Happy birthday, little book.
You are hope on a shelf.

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