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February 16, 2016
Better than a Thousand Cups of Haagen Dazs

We were in that post-bedtime crazy-making part of the day. I had given them all I’m going to give, I had done all the talking and listening I was going to do with a happy heart, and they were testing God’s protection in their lives by pushing me to my very limits. I mean, come […]

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July 27, 2015
Hands and Knees

I don’t remember why I was kneeling and crying. Last week was kind of a doozy for such things. I can’t recall what exactly pushed me to the brink, and I don’t know how I got to my knees or why I didn’t get up, except that it must have seemed fitting to stay where […]

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April 13, 2015
Good Parenting is Freaking Hard

You guys, I'm exhausted. We are limping into a new week around here. Good parenting is freaking hard. When I posted this throw-away status on Facebook, my friend Laura responded, "This is why I aim for mediocrity in parenting." Seriously, it's tempting. This gig is not for the faint of heart. I'm not going to […]

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March 30, 2015
At The End of The Day

"Mommy, I wish you weren't an author." (Ouch.) I had just finished an evening of teaching.  It's been a long, rough day, as is the nature of a day when I'm teaching: there's no way the Enemy is going to let me sail through the day without a snag.  It has something to do with […]

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December 17, 2014
Wanted: SuperMom.

There's this great line in the world of creating that says, "Write the book you want to read." It's the whole idea of filling the void with what you wish were there.  If you don't know what to make, look for what seems to be missing. Do you know what I wish for on this […]

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July 25, 2013
On Call. Always.

"What does it feel like to be a mother?"   Quiet, and then Joni says, "You know those doors where you go in and you can't come out?"   "What doors can you go in and not come out?" Renie asks.   "They're in mousetraps."   "Being a mother feels like being in a mousetrap?"  […]

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July 15, 2013
Danny Tanner

I'm at the White Chocolate Grill.  I haven't been here since I came with Robb.  For a moment I thought I was sitting in the same table, but I think that's only because I can so easily imagine him across from me.   That doesn't happen very much anymore.  That sweet ache of an almost […]

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March 18, 2013
Sicker Than Me

I needed a day to myself.  A day when I would simply set aside the list, even if I felt compelled to make a list in the morning just to take these items out of my mind and put them on paper instead.  List: Made.  And then: set aside. Please forgive me, mothers of small […]

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March 8, 2013
2013 take away 1776

"The lights are out at the park.  Nobody is playing there." "Yes, that's because it's night time, and the park closes when the sun goes down.  Did you know that?" "Yes.  And what happens if someone still goes to the park when it's closed?" "Well, a policeman could come and ask them to leave, or […]

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February 22, 2013
Strep Never Sounded So Good

Tucker had a lump sticking out the side of his neck.  Walnut sized.  Noticeable and concerning. Very concerning. I tried to minimize the concern, since Tucker's mind always goes to extreme diagnoses and imminent death.  But I can't say mine didn't go there too.  And I wonder if he'll ever get to a place in […]

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February 18, 2013
The Power of Suggestion

"Can I jump with you guys on the trampoline?" "Sure, Mommy.  We can jump together.  Just don't break it." "I'll sure try not to.  And maybe I should wait until my knee gets better before I try jumping on the trampoline." After the fall on the ice a couple of weeks ago, my knee is […]

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January 31, 2012
The Second Year

If I were to describe my first year without Robb in just a few words, I would choose these: Shocked. Terrified. Blind. Numb. I was in shock of many kinds, emotional and physical.   I spent months not believing that this was really real.  I spent nights writhing in panic and disbelief, the freezing sweat of […]

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January 31, 2012
A New Chapter Starts Today

Thoughts in 2007... Well, here I am. A stay-at-home mom with two little tiny guys. Tucker is two, Tyler is four months old, Robb is loving us and climbing the corporate ladder, and we're tangled up in diapers, a double stroller, adventures to the park, and pleas for my sanity. I need an outlet. Maybe […]

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