There’s this great line in the world of creating that says, “Write the book you want to read.” It’s the whole idea of filling the void with what you wish were there.  If you don’t know what to make, look for what seems to be missing.

Do you know what I wish for on this day? More Christmas ornaments depicting single parent families.

There are plenty of ornaments depicting a crowd of three – bears, moose, puppies, snowmen, and pretty much any animal on the ark. But they’re often very clearly three children or two parents with one child. I want a mom with two kids. A mom who is freaking doing this thing and still decorating her tree.Super Mom

I did find one that’s pretty great.

The mom is juggling two boys and a bag of groceries, and she’s wearing a cape, a super hero mask, and an expression of victory. Sure, it’s a cartoonish expression painted on ceramic, but I know triumph when I see it. In her hand, she’s holding her car keys and a silver star that says SuperMom.

You can bet your sweet bippy I ordered that puppy faster than you can say “Amazon One-Click.”

The only challenge is that the younger child on the ornament is a bald baby, which Tyler finds very offensive.

Sadly, when the SuperMom ornament, arrived her starry hand had broken off.

Which I find rather terrifically appropriate.

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