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A Slice of Cake Never Made Anybody Fat

I didn’t write this, but I wish I did.  And I don’t know who needs to hear this, but I [...]
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A Tale of Two Turkeys

I mean, I’ve never been in charge of a turkey before. And since our Thanksgiving is the most intimate ever, [...]
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EAster Cake

Tricia’s Easy Easter Cake

When I say it’s easy and good, then you know it’s absolutely going to be BOTH.  Probably you have all [...]
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Nothing says Christmas Like Nipples

The good news is they’re a hit with all the men at my house. Happy Merry Making. May your nipples [...]
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Chicago Hot Dogs and Audio Books

I am both horrified and mortified to tell you this, but it is true. I gained ten pounds in Chicago [...]
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Dr. Pepper and Strawberries

“Let’s all write about our crossover art form,” they said in my writing group. And everyone picked up their pen [...]
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A Gift for You: My Grandpa’s Fudge

My grandparents made fudge so often that they became known for it. They brought it as housewarming gifts.  They served [...]
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This Breakfast Recipe Will Change Your Life

Here’s the truth: I make these delicious Overnight Caramel Rolls that you should make for your family or friends or [...]
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Apple Dumplings and Good Intentions

I’m not known for being totally prepared for many things (or any things), so you can imagine my delight when [...]
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Fresh salad and cherry tomato on fork isolated on white backgrou

Chicken Caesar Salad and the Entitled Bride

I ordered a Chicken Caesar Salad.  There was so much chicken in it, really more than I needed.  I found [...]
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Cold Glass With Cola And Ice Cubes

“I’m Out.” : What I Learned During My 47 Hours Of Lent.

My author friend Becky says, “I’ve never been a Lenty Person, growing up as I did in the south where [...]
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Extreme Close Up Of Cinnamon Buns

My Homemade Cinnamon Rolls

Here you go, my friends.  I’m happy to share.  As long as you don’t serve them and thereby distract a [...]
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Made in 1955

My phone rang a few minutes after 6:00 this morning. Since it is January, it felt like 3:30 am. It [...]
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Christmas Cupcake

Christmas Desserts… Revisited.

On Christmas night, after the best Christmas we’ve had in the last four years, I was up most of the night [...]
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Rice Bowl

Happenings over Teriyaki and White Rice

“Do you have a punch card with us?” “I should get one, shouldn’t I?” “You definitely should.” And the next [...]
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Swirling My Spoon in the Carrots and Peas

They say a book is never finished, only abandoned. True story. I don’t think there is ever a point where [...]
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Diet Coke: It’s Become a Love Affair

“I’ll have a large diet Coke, please.” “I’m sorry, ma’am, but we are all out of diet Coke.” “No. This [...]
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Water in my Wineglass

It’s after midnight. I just baked a loaf of banana bread, and I do believe these wee small hours might [...]
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Fourteen Miles of Twizzlers

We spent our first afternoon at the pool, which always makes me happy with the sheer exhaustion of it all. [...]
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I’m not Distracted – I just need to Settle In.

I am so ready to write.  And it’s going to be perfect and compelling and gripping – even just to [...]
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