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Postage Algebra and Flannery O’Connor

So, I had upwards of 75 books to mail to the Launch Team, a group of readers across America – [...]
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Do Something with Your Good Ideas

Nolan Bushnell* is the creator of Atari video games. He has been quoted as saying, “Everyone who’s ever taken a [...]
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Family Devotions: The Recipe for Crazy Making

We gave the boys new Bibles for Easter, because it was time. They needed to graduate to a version that [...]
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In The Right Hands

“I have a handful of prayers that I pray all the time. One is that God will put my books [...]
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The Thing about Baggage

I read about this drama sketch, a representation of an invisible truth. The groom stands at the altar, waiting for [...]
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You’ll Love How It Feels to Lose Yourself

The world is so hungry. Surely someone needs what it is in your nature to offer. What do you do [...]
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Compassion, Discipline, and The Crazy Hard.

Good parenting is crazy difficult. Just really hard. Like, really hard. We’ve been navigating some new waters here, teaching boundaries [...]
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Noah’s Details: Just Start.

Did you know that God brought all of the animals to Noah? Because maybe I missed that day of Sunday [...]
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Fierce Love and Mickey Bars

I’m freshly home from a Disney vacation, and I have a confession: it’s a little bit ridiculous how much we [...]
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Overcome by Healing

There’s a story in the New Testament that has made me angry for a lot of years. It’s the story [...]
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To Dance with Joy

It was a blustery Ohio winter, and it was my first experience teaching kindergarten. There’s so much to love about [...]
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Communion with Emmanuel

Sometimes I struggle to direct my thoughts during Communion.  It’s such a profound, holy moment, kind of high pressure.  Think [...]
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The Belong Tour: I’m a Conference Junkie

You have to know that I’m a conference junkie. I’m a 100% auditory learner, which is maybe an exaggeration since [...]
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Football, Concussions, and Parenting

It would have been great if we could have made it just a few more weeks (or longer… longer would [...]
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Root Beer Floats

The Bread and the Wine… and the Root Beer Float

Saturday was Robb’s birthday, so we went to Red Robin to celebrate and remember. Because Bottomless Root Beer Floats. “We’re [...]
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When Fear Is All Around

What a terrible week of the worst things. I keep writing and deleting. Drafting and scrapping. Typing and backspacing. I [...]
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Home Stretch: Bring Him Home. Now.

We are on Day 10 of 11 Days Apart. Home stretch, you guys. Home Stretch. He has finished serving the [...]
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Worlds Apart and Honest Journaling

Peter is traveling across the word tonight. Quite literally across the world. Tonight, he is on a layover in Switzerland, [...]
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And so it is Easter

And so it is Easter. It’s the day of all days, the day that makes everything else well and good. [...]
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Sex and Fighting

Sex and Fighting share many of the same ingredients. Heightened emotion. Communication. Give and Take. Vulnerability. Desires and wants laid bare. [...]
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