Noah’s Details: Just Start.


Did you know that God brought all of the animals to Noah? Because maybe I missed that day of Sunday school, or maybe it just never occurred to me to connect those dots, but I guess I missed that detail along the way. I think I always thought that Noah sent his sons all over the earth for a great animal kingdom round-up. But I just found this realization, and I love everything about it.

Recent studies estimate that the total kinds of living and extinct land animals and flying creatures were about 1,500. And the ‘worst-case scenario’ calculates that Noah may have cared for as many as 7,000 animals. If I were Noah, that would have stopped me in my tracks. On a number of levels.

I know myself fairly well, and I know that upon God’s instructions, I would have been like, “Right, so I’ve got this blue print for a boat, and that’s going to take me a few years for starters, but then what? All these animals? How in the world will I manage that? I can’t imagine tracking down all those animals, so I better not even start a project I can’t finish.”

But Noah got right to work when God told him to build the ark, and he did everything exactly as God asked him to do it. Meanwhile, all of creation followed God’s instruction as well, and two of each kind found their way to Noah’s ark. All the little husband-and-wife bunnies, snakes, lions, tigers, and bears.

So often, I do just the opposite of Noah. I worry about details down the road, when a) I have no control over them, and b) that’s not what’s in front of me to do right now. There are things right in front of me to do, and I can start there. Noah had measurements and wood, and he got started. He didn’t get himself all spun up over what would happen later, he just got to work now.

Is there something in front of you that’s waiting to begin? Are you putting it off because you can’t figure out how you’ll finish it when it gets bigger than you?

Just start.

If God has asked you to do something, get started. Don’t neglect your calling because you don’t have a plan for when this gets bigger than you.

There are things you can begin doing now. Learning, reading, studying. Working on your attitude and your relationships. Taking responsibility for your responsibilities. Don’t worry yet about how you’ll sell the book or find the market or launch the platform or sell the tickets or promote the business or finish well. When it’s time, God will bring you what you need so you can do what he’s asked you to do.

He brought together the entire animal kingdom for a year-long cruise. Surely what you need is less than that.

Be like Noah. Concentrate on what God has given you to do. Leave the rest to God.

Tricia Lott Williford

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  1. Hopefully, one day we will each get to visit the The Ark Encounter near Ken Ham’s Creation Museum outside Cincinnati, Ohio to get an idea of the magnitude of Noah’s project. I have seen the Creation Museum and it is so educational as well as inspirational that I am sure the Ark will be too.

  2. Sounds a bit like what someone quipped about women in history: “I didn’t know it couldn’t be done, so I did it.”

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