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Hand Written Notes and Carousel Ponies

We are in that sweet spot between Thanksgiving and Christmas, where it seems that everything around us takes a soft [...]
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Party Candles on a Slice of Birthday Cake

Pinterest Fail: How I Nearly Ruined My Son’s Birthday Party

I very nearly ruined my son’s birthday party with my own grand ideas and a game I found on Pinterest. [...]
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Empty Swings At Playground On Dull Day

How To Talk To Your Children About Grief, Loss, and Death

My husband died when my children were three and five years old. I realize that’s a sudden and abrupt way [...]
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Beautiful spring flowers in vase on home interior background

A Love Note To Single Moms

I never intended to be a single mom, but then I guess not many of us in this tribe aimed [...]
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some pencils in a pot, some old books on a blue school desk, and

How To Love Your Child’s Teacher

Among the ranks of elementary teachers, it’s pretty safe to say: once a teacher, always a teacher. I taught third [...]
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Rear View Of Woman In Auditorium

Five Ways Introverts Can Choose to Love When They Just Want to Disappear

At least once a week, I come across the newest post on How To Love Your Introvert. Each article touches [...]
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Blond fashion woman in sunglasses looking in the car mirror

Man’s Perspective: Like Rubies in my Pocket

“How great it is to belong to the beautiful half of society?” Well, now there’s a question. I didn’t even [...]
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Close-up of female and male holding by hands in park

This One Important Thing

To read this article in its entirety with PJ Parenting, click here. I was drinking iced coffees at Starbucks with [...]
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Child Behind Door Of Glass

4 Things I Learned When My Toddler Locked Me In His Bedroom

It’s a blast from the past, you guys: one of the favorites from the archives of my life as a [...]
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Young plant

4 Ways To Help Someone in Crisis

I’m not particularly qualified by profession or education to offer counseling or therapy, wisdom or advice. I don’t have a [...]
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child dressed as superhero

Finally, Boys Explained.

Click here for my post in this week’s Lifestyle Column on PJ Media: Finally, Boys Explained: If It’s Fun, Let’s [...]
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