I never intended to be a single mom, but then I guess not many of us in this tribe aimed for this title. I’m rounding out four and a half years of flying solo, and I feel like I’m finally finding my groove. Or maybe it’s just a good week, or I’m basking in the record-breaking personal victory of getting them to school on time twelve days in a row (!!), or I’m still just buzzing on the high of them going back to school at all after The Summer That Wouldn’t End. Hang your hat on any attribution you choose, but the fact is this: right now, we’ve got this thing. For today, we’re okay.

This exhilaration of catching my stride has me thinking about you, single moms, the graceful swans who have your balance in this moment, and the mighty warriors who are hanging on for dear life. You who are divorced or widowed, and even you who are married but abandoned, either physically or emotionally. You brave girls who are doing it alone, you’re on my mind.

I thought I’d write you a little love note today, since I have the margin and mental fortitude to do it. On another day, I’ll be the one asking to read it.

I’ve been thinking about the top five things people have said to me along the way, the sunflowers of truth I’ve been putting into a bouquet to hold with both hands. Beautiful spring flowers in vase on home interior background

* * *

You can read the Love Note to Single Moms in the Parenting Pages on PJ Media by clicking here.

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