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Today, I Said Thank You.

Today, I said thank you to the Starbucks barista who made my Pumpkin Cream Cold Brew, even though she is [...]
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Tibia 4

We Are Trying to Be Civilized.

Maybe you’ve seen this story that’s circulating on social media: “Years ago, anthropologist Margaret Mead was asked by a student [...]
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Tackle Football: A Whole New Frontier

Football is in his blood, and I held him off as long as I could. It was only a matter [...]
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Playground Equipment

Bracelets and Merry-Go-Rounds: This Girl Takes Back Control

Has it ever happened to you that you’ve realized you’ve been doing all the wrong things? Maybe not all the [...]
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150 Pounds in The World’s Unwieldiest Stroller

Well, just in case I didn’t love grocery shopping with every ounce of my heart, I’m now back to pushing [...]
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Tucker Learns To Walk Again

1 Fall from a Swingset 4 Breaks 8 Hospital Visits 1 Surgery 5 Pins 1 Screw 16 stitches 3 Days [...]
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Beautiful spring flowers in vase on home interior background

A Love Note To Single Moms

I never intended to be a single mom, but then I guess not many of us in this tribe aimed [...]
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Scooter, Shmooter.

We broke the scooter.  And I use that pronoun very, very loosely. If you’ve seen Tucker scooting around town, school, [...]
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Retro Vintage Style Classic White Alarm Clock On Vintage Blue Ba

Hopalong Cassidy and Sir Embarrassed

Let me tell you one thing I know for sure, a nugget of foundational truth that will never change: Nothing [...]
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Grace Notes for the First Day Of School

Today marked a great big finish line for us: The First Day of School.  #BrokenFootSummer is “over,” and we have [...]
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Lost Child

That Thing Called Brave

And so, the pins are out of Tucker’s foot.  We can officially say he is tougher than nails.  Because, oh [...]
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Spring shidarezakura (weeping cherry) cherry blossom with early

Hands and Knees

I don’t remember why I was kneeling and crying. Last week was kind of a doozy for such things. I [...]
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Obstacle for wheelchair – 3D render

If Real Life Had Thought Bubbles

Here’s a little exercise to bring you right into the action with me on this one.  Reach down to the [...]
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Black disability wheelchair near clean white wall

Raise Your Hand if You Lost a Wheelchair Today

I can really only think of one way in which it would be feasible to lose a wheelchair. Perhaps if [...]
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vase of tulips on table

Fresh Bouquets of Kindness, Dried Leaves of the Opposite

I have seen an unusual potency of kindness and unkindness in the last couple of weeks.  I suppose they are [...]
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They Took off the Bandages, and I Was Not Prepared

Two weeks post surgery, we went back to Children’s Hospital for our follow-up appointment.  They cut through all the layers [...]
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Close-up of female and male holding by hands in park

This One Important Thing

To read this article in its entirety with PJ Parenting, click here. I was drinking iced coffees at Starbucks with [...]
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Steaming coffee cup on a rainy day window background

Some Things Do Not Stop Being

The subject of this blog post asked that I take it down based on the personal backlash he has received. [...]
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Big and small feet

99 Silver Linings

Children’s Hospital is like EPCOT. Our male nurse named Coop who whispered when Tuck was sleeping, listened to his pain, [...]
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