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September 19, 2020
Today, I Said Thank You.

Today, I said thank you to the Starbucks barista who made my Pumpkin Cream Cold Brew, even though she is complicit in my addiction.  I won't press charges as long as she keeps making that goodness that unabashedly defines autumn for my soul. Today, I said thank you to my dad, who gave me a […]

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June 24, 2020
We Are Trying to Be Civilized.

Maybe you've seen this story that's circulating on social media: "Years ago, anthropologist Margaret Mead was asked by a student what she considered to be the first sign of civilization in a culture. The student expected Mead to talk about fishhooks or clay pots or grinding stones.  But no. Mead said that the first sign […]

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August 3, 2016
Tackle Football: A Whole New Frontier

Football is in his blood, and I held him off as long as I could. It was only a matter of time, and that time has come. This is the year, and last night kicked it off: Tucker has started playing Tackle Football. I seriously delayed all of this for as long as I could, protecting […]

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October 20, 2015
Bracelets and Merry-Go-Rounds: This Girl Takes Back Control

Has it ever happened to you that you’ve realized you’ve been doing all the wrong things? Maybe not all the wrong things, but just too many of not-the-best things? You guys, I've been running ragged. There's a pulse of living a writer's life, and I suppose it's not that different from living any other kind […]

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October 1, 2015
150 Pounds in The World's Unwieldiest Stroller

Well, just in case I didn’t love grocery shopping with every ounce of my heart, I’m now back to pushing two loafers around in the cart. The Target experience is a little too much of a jaunt for Tucker and his recovering foot, so I load the two of them into a cart made for […]

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September 3, 2015
Tucker Learns To Walk Again

1 Fall from a Swingset 4 Breaks 8 Hospital Visits 1 Surgery 5 Pins 1 Screw 16 stitches 3 Days in the Hospital 1 Wheelchair 2 Knee Scooters 3 Casts 87 Days 87 Nights Finally: Cast Off Day. I wasn't prepared for how emotional this moment would be for me.  He stood on two feet, […]

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August 28, 2015
A Love Note To Single Moms

I never intended to be a single mom, but then I guess not many of us in this tribe aimed for this title. I’m rounding out four and a half years of flying solo, and I feel like I’m finally finding my groove. Or maybe it’s just a good week, or I’m basking in the […]

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August 24, 2015
Scooter, Shmooter.

We broke the scooter.  And I use that pronoun very, very loosely. If you’ve seen Tucker scooting around town, school, church, or our general community, then I’m sure you are not surprised.  I was not surprised.  Except to say that it’s a little alarming to see broken metal.  That’s the speed and velocity with which […]

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August 19, 2015
Hopalong Cassidy and Sir Embarrassed

Let me tell you one thing I know for sure, a nugget of foundational truth that will never change: Nothing slows down the morning drop-off routine like forgetting the knee scooter at home in the garage. Sweet Tuck is so good at the morning routine.  He gets up so early, and he packs his lunch […]

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August 10, 2015
Grace Notes for the First Day Of School

Today marked a great big finish line for us: The First Day of School.  #BrokenFootSummer is “over,” and we have entered the broad and beautiful landscapes of third and fourth grade (new striped cast and scooter notwithstanding). Even though I am not a mom who grieves such things, I surprised myself by not doing my […]

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August 6, 2015
That Thing Called Brave

And so, the pins are out of Tucker’s foot.  We can officially say he is tougher than nails.  Because, oh my goodness, that was no small undertaking. They had told us it wouldn’t hurt to take out the pins.  Bones don’t have nerve endings, so when you break a bone, it’s not the actual bone […]

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July 27, 2015
Hands and Knees

I don’t remember why I was kneeling and crying. Last week was kind of a doozy for such things. I can’t recall what exactly pushed me to the brink, and I don’t know how I got to my knees or why I didn’t get up, except that it must have seemed fitting to stay where […]

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July 20, 2015
If Real Life Had Thought Bubbles

Here’s a little exercise to bring you right into the action with me on this one.  Reach down to the inside of your left ankle.  Feel that knobby bone?  Now, reach just below that, not quite to the arch of your foot, but to the soft tissue part in between.  Feel that? I rammed Tucker’s […]

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July 13, 2015
Raise Your Hand if You Lost a Wheelchair Today

I can really only think of one way in which it would be feasible to lose a wheelchair. Perhaps if I were a brand new candy striper volunteering at a hospital, and perhaps if I were tasked with moving all of the wheelchairs on site to, oh say, a giant wheelchair closet or parking lot, […]

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July 6, 2015
Fresh Bouquets of Kindness, Dried Leaves of the Opposite

I have seen an unusual potency of kindness and unkindness in the last couple of weeks.  I suppose they are both around me always in ways I normally breeze past, but I’ve seen them in some up close and personal ways, these fresh bouquets of kindness and dried leaves of the opposite. The unkindness happened […]

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July 2, 2015
They Took off the Bandages, and I Was Not Prepared

Two weeks post surgery, we went back to Children's Hospital for our follow-up appointment.  They cut through all the layers of cotton that had been holding him together, which looked an awful lot like shearing a sheep. (Or what I’ve seen of sheep shearing, which was probably on Sesame Street.) I thought I was prepared […]

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July 1, 2015
This One Important Thing

To read this article in its entirety with PJ Parenting, click here. I was drinking iced coffees at Starbucks with my agent, whom I love deeply and implicitly for more reasons than just the fact that he launched my career. He asked me, “Trish, how will you redeem this #BrokenFootSummer? How does a writer make […]

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June 24, 2015
Some Things Do Not Stop Being

The subject of this blog post asked that I take it down based on the personal backlash he has received.  I have chosen to edit the post accordingly, since he had no idea what he was stepping into. What a weird and terrible day for my heart.  Many of you watched it unfold on the interwebs. Throngs […]

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June 18, 2015
99 Silver Linings

Children's Hospital is like EPCOT. Our male nurse named Coop who whispered when Tuck was sleeping, listened to his pain, and was every bit a man's man. The 'ball circus' in the lobby of Children's Hospital.  We could watch for hours. Scents and flavors to change the smells and tastes of medicines. Nurses who tell […]

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